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  1. Thanks Bryon, I redownloaded the one I had off of the legacy site and it only goes to 3.0 so I will buy the all in one installer as I am staying with P3Dv5. Cheers, JeffG
  2. I have the FS2Crew for the Dash 8 and all I get is black screens, does the program work with P3Dv5.1? The program also does not come up with the keys mapped out for the main screen. JeffG
  3. Can not wait for this one. Keep up the great work Bryan. JeffG
  4. I also would love to have a pdf manual, they have one for their Citation but not the A320. JeffG
  5. I did all over the screen different spots and nothing. I have the latest version also. jeffg
  6. I loaded up the A320 this morning and the EFB is there but nothing but a blank screen. I could not figure out it turns on. JeffG
  7. Hope your hand gets better, your not suppose to fall on ice. Take care Cheers, JeffG
  8. No it will not and only works for FS2004 if I remember. I think that it was the best 727 modelled, no one has come close. JeffG
  9. The scenery in FS2020 is very nice but in KSGJ everything is right where it normally is except there is no control tower shown. You are talking to tower and ground but where the tower should be nothing is there. I fly out of this airport daily and so far this is the only major flaw I see in this scenery. JeffG
  10. just waiting for the 1st reviews JeffG
  11. Very nice Cessna 182 but it needs the GFC700 Integrated autopilot instead of the out dated KAP140. Just my opinion as I have flown both version. JeffG
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