AS Airbus and Route Mismatch

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Im puzzled, and abit confused.

Im sat in the sim with the Jetsteam Design Milan Linate Airport (v1.1) and the A321 from Aerosoft (v1.31). I have reached the early stage of route setup and am asked to choose a departing runway which is 'RWY 36'.

The route i was given suggested LIML - ABESI, UN851, ROLSA, Z162, ZUE, T163, EMPAX- EDDF

On selecting RWY36 I am then given ABESI as an option which I choose and then a transition option of LOGAN pops up which on both occasions I have and haven't selected. The next page is the standard route page were i input the route. I was suggested 2 identical routes (as above) into Frankfurt Main. I am unable to enter UN851 (Waypoint Mismatch) after selecting ABESI?!?!

I have up to date Navigraph data and have made sure that it is the primary selected source in the MDCU within the sim.


What am i doing wrong!?!? This was also the case when I tried a different departure airport of Rome LIRF and again was unable to enter the flight route.


Can anyone maybe suggest whats happening?


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