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Repainting PMDG

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I am new at repainting aircraft, and i have been playing around in photoshop. Can anyone link me to any tutorials to help me learn (I need help with advanced shapes like curves)


Joe Colehouse



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I used this set of videos on youtube 2 years ago... I believe there are 21 or so videos and he never got to complete them... they are the best ones I found at the time and have not really looked for additional ones...




Norman Henderson

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When drawing curves, to be accurate you need to use the Pen tool. This means you have to master Bezier Curves. Here is a little exercise I've created for you to help you learn that. You can get away with doing this on just one yellow circle to learn it, but it is helpful to have a few so you can see the differenbces. Up to you...


Note that the Pen Tool can create paths, and fill shapes, for the above exercise, you want it on Paths (you can change that on the Control Panel options for the Pen tool up at the top right of Photoshop). When you have a path created, choose a brush and a suitable foreground colour, go to the Paths panel on the right of the Photoshop interface, and choose the tiny circular icon at the bottom of the panel (the Stroke Path with Brush tooltip will appear - so you will know which one to use - click it). This is how you draw accurate lines and curves in Photoshop.

Alan Bradbury

Check out my youtube flight sim videos: Here

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