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Q400 Base Training - landing problems

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I'm trying to recreate the circuit training at EGNX, and am running into a problem on approach/landing.

I've got the Q400 nicely configured for final.  In approach mode on ILS27, flaps 15, gear down, on localizer and glideslope, speed right at or just above Vref. Coming in somewhere between 500 and 100 feet, I disengage the autopilot, and try to follow the video's instructions to make as few corrections as possible, since I'm theoretically already on the proper glideslope.

What happens, instead, is that, when I'm maybe 30-50 feet above the runway, the PFD suddenly anunciates "PITCH HOLD" (despite the AP supposedly being disconnected and my not having moved the joystick), and the Q400 levels off and flies at that 30-50 foot height above the runway.  My only options are to disengage the pitch hold via STBY, which leads to the aircraft suddenly rolling all over the place, and a very rough landing where I almost have to stick it on the runway, or doing a go-around, with the same results the next time.

Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong?  Despite following what seem to be all the actions in the video, I still haven't managed a single acceptable landing.  FWIW, this is with the Q400 Professional Edition.


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The PITCH HOLD annunciation on the FMA appears when the previously captured glide slope mode - shown as GS - dumps out as the aircraft has sunk above or below the glideslope and is no longer considered on the path. It's a Q400 in built protection which is saying 'sorry pal, you're not on the glideslope so I'm not giving you GS mode any longer'.

You'll see that in all the videos this happens as the Q400 often ends up with the glideslope indicator disagreeing with the PAPI. In fact in the FO Training Program, we made a point of not fixating on the PAPI vs GS at very low altitudes but rather concentrate on the runway touchdown zone.

So the 'PITCH HOLD' FMA is normal, but the behaviour you're seeing isn't. You are only pressing the AP disconnect only once? Remember that in a Boeing you usually need a further press to cancel the warning and in the Q400 that will just put the autopilot back on - just worth asking...

It appears that the autopilot isn't disconnecting in your case. I'd hit up the Majestic help forum on here or their own forums to ask, as this shouldn't be happening.

Sorry I can't be of more help, let me know how you get on.




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A video of your irregular mode of operation may be of assistance, and as Ben recommended posting at the Majestic Software forums would be the way to go as it would yield a quicker response.

If you are not a registered user then kindly follow the instructions provided.  When posting on the forum be sure to provide as much information as possible including:
+ Simulator platform & version
+ Q400 version  - Updates are available via the Majestic Software Website in the User Area
+ Issue(s) being experienced including the video



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