Aircraft flies out of frame: external + locked + gimbal

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When using an external view, with the camera locked to the aircraft & gimbal enabled...if the aircraft is banked, it drifts up or down in the frame, even if the turn is made without gain or loss of altitude.  Beyond the most gentle turns, the aircraft leaves the frame completely.  If I unlock, re-position the camera to center the aircraft in the frame again, and then re-lock...the aircraft jumps out of frame again.

Another way to describe this is that it seems like the gimbal is overcompensating when changing the elevation of the camera in these situations.  If the aircraft is making a level turn, I don't see why the camera should be moving up or down.

Is there a solution to this?  FSX DX10 w/ CP v0.1.685.

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Hi Keven,

With v1.717 and on, I have a new problem with my external cameras in FSXA... If I pan the camera around the aircraft, with aircraft lock + gimbal, the camera doesn't hold its lock on the aircraft, and it's very slow to turn face the aircraft again.  Disabling gimbal restores normal panning.  I feel like you may have tweaked the gimbal because the banking issue I reported above is not as apparent, but it's been replaced with something else.

These kind of things are an issue for me because I always got the most utility out of the generic "locked spot view"--always faces the aircraft and level with the horizon--and it's been difficult trying to re-create that view without taking extraordinary steps in CP. 

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