V2.9.3 and Radio panel

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Upgraded to V 2.9.3 from V 2.9.2.

In addition to Linda I also use SpadNext.

For my setup I need to have the Saitek radio panel disabled in the 'set joystick' section. Since I updated, the setting to disable it is not saving.

I have to disable this panel every time I sim. In the previous ver. I disable panel during set up and never have to touch it again.

I have gone back to the .2 ver. but would love to use the .3ver.

Any Idea how to fix?

Thanks in advance. 

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I have carried out a detailed test of the HID/Joystick Enabled flag state when LINDA is closed and reopened. I found that it was working correctly both when closing/opening LINDA and when disconnecting/reconnecting a device. I also confirmed that all inputs from the device were disabled when the checkbox is unticked.

There have been no changes in this area of code for 2.9.2 (which you say works) and 2.9.3. I was testing with 2.9.4 (Dev). 

The device enabled flag is stored in /linda-cfg/system/config-hid.lua in the following format:

J[5][2]="CH Flightstick"

Element 4 is normally set to 1 (enabled) and changed to 0 (disabled) when the checkbox is unticked. This example shows the Flightstick disabled.

Can you provide any further evidence of your problem?

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Added clarification of versions tested.

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Cant figure it out. I reinstalled .3 and manually edited the file to make sure its disabled, but once I start Linda the radio is re enabled. I can change other things like device name and type; and those changes are saved, but the de activation setting is always back to on and the config-hid.lua file now shows "1".

A well back to Ver.2. Not sure that I really need the latest and greatest, as I am just a basic user. If someone doesn't make a download module I am unable to create one for myself. I am not even able to make joystick axes to work. That's why I need SpadNext.




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I must admit I did not specifically check for the Saitek Radio Panel as all joysticks or HID devices are handled identically. I will double check today. 

One point you may be confused with. LINDA does not handle Axes - only buttons. You need to setup FSUIPC4 or the Flt Sim to manage all Axes. 

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I have retested your report with the Saitek Radio Panel. The Enabled state is remembered correctly with closing and restarting both LINDA and Flt Sim. After unticking the Enabled box you need to close and reopen LINDA to clear the Radio Panel display. Without restarting only the inputs are disabled.

One point is that you should only look at the /linda-cfg/system/config-hid.lua to check the stored state set in Setup LINDA. Do not try editing the file directly.

If problem persists please follow the logging procedure at and email me the fsuipc4.log.


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RT. Thank you for emailing the files. I have emailed you a response and link. Please follow recommendations and email new logs.

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