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[BUG] Camera positions move after upgrade

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I have the experimental features options selected so i have been getting updates every few days. Im on v0.1.717 Alpha exp right now.


The issue seems to be that once i get all my camera positions setup properly using the pilot seat as the common reference point everything is ok for a day or two then when i get an update to the software for some reason that reference point moves. Its a bit hard to explain in words. I know when setting up the camera's you dont actually define any sort of reference but to help explain, after a couple updates every time i would load into a plane (PMDG to FSL A320, even piper cub) the starting position was to the lower left on the outside of the aircraft. as i would cycle through the views they would all move correctly and had that starting reference been in the pilot seat they would have been ok, but since it started back, down and left, every view was off by that amount.

After the update i got today, it happened again the one difference was with all other times it was back left and down, this time the starting point was actually the opposite.. i was sarting pretty much above the co-pilots front window.


Any ideas what might be causing this? or even if there is a way to document and easily update my starting reference point/coordinates so i dont have to redo every view for every aircraft?

Here are some of my details, let me know if any other info is possible.

Windows 10, P3D v3.4, FSUIPC reg version with LINDA, AS16/ASCA, GSX. 

I have other addons and utilities, but these are the ones that are pretty much always running when the problem occurs.


The only other thing i will mention is that when all the previous offsets to the lower left were occurring, i was on my older XFX R9 290 GPU, yesterday i installed a new MSI GTX 1080. I haven't made any specific nvidia profile inspector changes or anything yet, and i am not sure how it could really be related, but it was a change that occurred when the offset moved forward, up and right for the first time when before it always moves back and left and down.



I will note, i did search back about a month or so and didnt see this reported

Also i want to clarify that this issue only seems to effect my "on-Board" camera views, my "Outside" views always seem to stay correct.

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Hi Rob,

Nothing related to camera positions have changed in the past 50+ updates. Can you confirm that the movement only appears after software updates and not under normal reboot conditions?


Keven Menard 
Technical Director, //42

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That is correct, in fact, last night after i spent all the time needed to reset all my camera positions in my A320 (others are still messed up), i had disabled the "experimental features" options, which caused some restarts, i then saw the messages that its not really supported and i really needed to stay on the experimental version so i enabled it again. and again all my cameras were shifted. i corrected them and due to some other issues i had ended up restarting P3d a number of times and everything stayed, and from day to day its fine. this only happened during an upgrade.


Its possible its something with my add-ons causing some strange conflict, maybe a scenery add-on or something because except the one time i mentioned in the OP when it went over the copilots window, every time the camera moves back, down and to the left. its the same every time. Its likes its going back to some 0x,0y,0z position i am not aware of. As i mentioned every camera angle and movement stays correct with relation to that new coordinate reference point. In other words if i had some way to move the cockpit down to the new camera position, every camera would look at what it should. its just that initial reference point that seems to move every time.


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+1 - My camera keeps moving on it's own to the left. 

This was after the recent HOTFIX for P3d v3.4.22


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I am having a similar issue... at times the view will slowly drift up.  The speed will vary.  Closing and restarting Chaseplane seems to fix it.  Not sure of the cause though.

Kevin Sullivan


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