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  1. That is correct, in fact, last night after i spent all the time needed to reset all my camera positions in my A320 (others are still messed up), i had disabled the "experimental features" options, which caused some restarts, i then saw the messages that its not really supported and i really needed to stay on the experimental version so i enabled it again. and again all my cameras were shifted. i corrected them and due to some other issues i had ended up restarting P3d a number of times and everything stayed, and from day to day its fine. this only happened during an upgrade. Its possible its something with my add-ons causing some strange conflict, maybe a scenery add-on or something because except the one time i mentioned in the OP when it went over the copilots window, every time the camera moves back, down and to the left. its the same every time. Its likes its going back to some 0x,0y,0z position i am not aware of. As i mentioned every camera angle and movement stays correct with relation to that new coordinate reference point. In other words if i had some way to move the cockpit down to the new camera position, every camera would look at what it should. its just that initial reference point that seems to move every time.
  2. happened again today when i started up with the most recent update.
  3. I have the experimental features options selected so i have been getting updates every few days. Im on v0.1.717 Alpha exp right now. The issue seems to be that once i get all my camera positions setup properly using the pilot seat as the common reference point everything is ok for a day or two then when i get an update to the software for some reason that reference point moves. Its a bit hard to explain in words. I know when setting up the camera's you dont actually define any sort of reference but to help explain, after a couple updates every time i would load into a plane (PMDG to FSL A320, even piper cub) the starting position was to the lower left on the outside of the aircraft. as i would cycle through the views they would all move correctly and had that starting reference been in the pilot seat they would have been ok, but since it started back, down and left, every view was off by that amount. After the update i got today, it happened again the one difference was with all other times it was back left and down, this time the starting point was actually the opposite.. i was sarting pretty much above the co-pilots front window. Any ideas what might be causing this? or even if there is a way to document and easily update my starting reference point/coordinates so i dont have to redo every view for every aircraft? Here are some of my details, let me know if any other info is possible. Windows 10, P3D v3.4, FSUIPC reg version with LINDA, AS16/ASCA, GSX. I have other addons and utilities, but these are the ones that are pretty much always running when the problem occurs. The only other thing i will mention is that when all the previous offsets to the lower left were occurring, i was on my older XFX R9 290 GPU, yesterday i installed a new MSI GTX 1080. I haven't made any specific nvidia profile inspector changes or anything yet, and i am not sure how it could really be related, but it was a change that occurred when the offset moved forward, up and right for the first time when before it always moves back and left and down. Edit: I will note, i did search back about a month or so and didnt see this reported Also i want to clarify that this issue only seems to effect my "on-Board" camera views, my "Outside" views always seem to stay correct.
  4. I have been looking around for info on how others may have set this up. I have chase plane and the G13. The issue i have seen is that from what i can tell, the G-13 is limited to emulated keyboard keys. So while the keypad has G1-22 the most you can do is assign those 22 keys to emulate keyboard keys. Which may be fine if you have a lot of unassigned keys in FSX/P3D. From what i can tell you cannot setup the G13 to send game controller buttons that would be unique. So while i have Joystick, throttle, yoke and suck which all have Dev0 button 1, button 2, button 3, etc.. the G13 doesn't seem to be able to generate Dev4 button 1, button 2, ... button 22. I would be very much interested in a way to do this, having the G13 sent unique controller buttons please let me know. I have looked at trying to do it a number of times for various sims
  5. Thanks for the reply.. and i totally understand about getting bogged down in documentation. First, my question in the OP about the 777 program, are you able to define the add-on airports and scenery used? As for the issue for documentation and striking the right balance i would say that for many people a lot of this documentation is part of the experience of starting a study level airliner simulation, and its all very valuable. However i think the gap that exists between what you get out of the box and what you are trying to produce here, is the 'abbreviated/relevant' checklists for things that are relevant to someone in a simulator. Many people like to go through every possible step as if they were in a real aircraft, and these study level sims give that almost fully out of the box, but there is another group of people, like me.. who want to learn, understand and go through all the steps but really just the ones that are relevant to my simulation, i enjoy learning in these programs about all the real world stuff and how it applies, but when i startup P3D, i am not really worried about testing my fire suppression. For example in the Q400, its great that i can turn around and check manual gear release, but honestly unless im doing advanced testing for myself, my sim is going to be set with no failures, so testing that, light bulbs, sensor, etc just doesnt apply to a sim really.. At the very least i can say it doesn't 'need' to apply. Here is an example: https://goo.gl/k49p93, of a guy who went through Airline2Sim's training videos for the Dash-8, remade a checklists based on that, and focused on things that you only have to do in the sim. This might be the type of thing you guys can provide to really bridge the gap. Anyone can take the PMDG 777, FSLabs A320, or Majestic Q400 and likely run them fully with the the full manuals and in some cases even official FCOMs, there are people that want to get in the plane at the end of the runway, all ready for take off, and just go... my guess is that most simmers would find themselves in between those two extremes. Wanting to start in a cold/dark or short turn-around state, and have to do some planning, prep and then following "relevant" procedures to get the bird ready for the air. That link might give you an idea on how sim specific procedures could be done. Its something to think about, it may not be inline with the goals of what you guys are trying to do, but it may get you to that point where your course consisting of the videos and minimal "relevant" docs will get you to your goal. To have someone follow your courses, and using them, with a few resources you add on, can go out and start successfully enjoying theur simmulations. Anyways, just sharing some thoughts again, thanks for entertaining them, and hopefully you are able to share the 777 add-on info as noted. Thanks
  6. A2S Team, I know its been mentioned a few times since January, that you guys are working on something to provide members with supporting docs for each of the courses. From what i can tell, for the most part it is still a work in progress as the only stuff i see anywhere on the site are some pdfs for the 777 course, and i have purchased all three available courses. What i wanted to suggest is that in addition to many of the items notes, like checklists and procedures, config files for all the various supporting utilities, i wanted to also ask that for each course it be listed what add-on scenery and airports are being used. it took a bit of digging through threads here to get some of that info for the Q400 courses, and for the 777 course i think i only found a thread noting the details for Hawaii. A lot of this stuff could even just be put into a PDF that is sent to or shared with us customers when we enroll/purchase each course, posted as item "0" with all the video links or similar. That PDF can have all of the used add-on utilities, sceneries, airports, etc. Then when the you get the members are more developed the files that need to be downloaded like various config files could be shared, or even all put into a single zip file that could be added as an additional download in the course content. Anyways, my main reason for posting was to relay these suggestions and see if their are any updates towards getting this member area setup, my secondary reason was to see if the add-on scenery/airports could be noted for the 777 course please. Thanks
  7. I actually like this plan more than what was originally laid out.. i know it means extra time but i think its worth it to cover so many unique things which are perfect learning/teaching opportunities. I look forward to the upcoming program whenever it's finally ready.
  8. NP, thanks guys.. I already have the 737 and 777 from PMDG and love them, i will get the new 747 at some point but i have my hands full with these.. besides i have found a strange love in the Majestic Q400 recently...
  9. Thanks.. yea its not really that im looking to compare the products as i am really comparing the cockpit and aircraft functionality.. before starting this thread i had no intention on purchasing the aerosoft products.. i was really just curious if there were any features that would make things interesting/different. I am not experienced enough to notice differences with taxi handling or certain types of flight handling like the flare you mentioned. I am in no way saying they arent important, just to me.. im not quite there yet so they arent as important to me. From what i gather the cockpits are pretty much the same, the 318 has the steep descent feature. So basically it would be like getting in a Ford F150, 250, 350 etc pickup truck... each one is bigger and more powerful, but from the driver seat, things all look and "in general' function the same, yea?
  10. Hi guys Sorry if this is not the right place to post, i could not for the life of me figure out where to put a general cross product addon aircraft question lol I have already purchased and have started learning the FSLabs A320-X and love it. I intentionally chose it for its high quality and attention to detail. I know it has its issues but they are being worked on. That said i got an email today about the Aerosoft 20% off sale on their A318/319/320/321 products. Now from what i understand the aerosoft products are good in their own right, but not at the level of the FSLabs unit. That said seeing it really got me to think about the differences. So i have come here to ask, for a general FS Enthusiast, are their any significant technology or functionality differences? i know they are different sized aircraft so they will have different flight profiles and such, but putting the flight profile and different engine types aside.. if im sitting in the virtual cockpit of a the Aerosoft modeled (EFIS/ADIRS equipped) A318/9 or A321.. is there anything really different than what would be in the A320. I mean assuming i didnt have the FSLabs A320.. if you are jst sitting in the cockpit of the Aerosoft A319, is there things you added or removed that would still make someone want the 320/321 ? Or does it come down to those items i mentioned like the different flight profiles, engines and such.
  11. AHH ok that makes more sense in this case... i do recall there was an airliner that could carry a third engine thought for transport.. but anyways, thanks for clarifying
  12. @Captain Kevin, i recall that about the third engine, but wasn't it really only for transporting said 3rd engine? And if the ER is long range, just not quite as long as the LR, why the preference there with the range, is it that its just 'to easy' to go anywhere, and you dont have to work out optimal flight paths and performance to push the boundaries? or something else... sorry, im just intrigued by the preference of the ER over the LR.. :-) @Chock Thanks, that is a good perspective, i did read that PMDG had a very large number of optional livery and engine configurations, so that may allow me the most variation in use, good points.
  13. Thanks for the feedback.. whats the difference between the -200ER and LR, or more specifically why do you want the one and have no desire in the other. Thanks, i did a quick search but missed them, i will read through these
  14. Title really sums it up, i have a few bucks burning a hold in my paypal account and i was initially considering the A2A Connie, but after recently getting the dash8 Q400 i think i will be ok passing on the connie for a little bit longer. Now, im sure eventually i will end up with both the 777 and 747, but can only get one now.. i already have the 737 and obviously love it. early on i was interested in the 777 because i wanted to do some real long haul flights. I know a lot of it comes down to 'what do i want out of it" and such things, and i think if i knew all those answers i wouldn't need input. I tend to prefer the more advanced technology so initially the 777 might be it, but from what i have read, the new 747 is no slouch, the QOSII at least has the options for fully modern airframe with HGS, i know its not the newest -800 but still, it put me back to not being sure. I have also been very tempted by the FSL A320X but i just dont know much about it overall so figured i would be better staying with Boeing/PMDG and i dont think it would give my much more simulated range than the 737 anyways. Anyway, my background with the more study level airframes are the Q400 and the 737NGX as my only airliners, then i have the Carenado Phenom 300 and A2A Commanche on the GA side, and a few other less than study level, but i really only like study level craft, and also have a long history with DCS and its level of fidelity in airframes. I do love the 737 and i have most of the FSX/P3D add-on's needed to do a "Fully Loaded" flight, to use a Froogle/Pete term, and i would intend on getting it for P3D as i recently made the move from FSX:SE. So with all that, I would love to get any feedback from the community, i know in the end its my choice, but im looking for things i may not be considering, or should be aware, with the aircraft, its capabilities, features or anything even around the setup. I spent 3 days just getting the darn controls and everything straight in the Q400, so any feedback on quirks in the setup, configuration, strangeness in the additional tools, or any bonus tools (like the FSL A320X includes remote CDU's?) i think would all help me a lot when choosing my next study level airliner. TIA -D
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