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Ok I am getting pretty frusterated right now, I have been noticing a reduction in FS2004 to the point now where I am afraid to view the airplane in spot vie because I am getting at the lowest 2-3 FPS when I used to get 22 but I will admit I have alot, ALOT of addons put on this homebuilt comp. PMDG 737 series 747 series Level D 767 Flight 1 Ultimate Terrian and Cessna 172 and Mega scenery Socal Vol 2 and Nor Cal plus a few more addon aircraft and I use Vatsim but for testing my comp latley I havent been using it. PHEW long sentance. I hav an AMD atholon 64FX 2.6GHZ Nvidia Geforce 6600 PCI Express graphics card and the funny thing is I spent close to 3 grand for this just so I wouldnt have problems with flight sim so now if I have terrian mesh to 30 mip map to 5 render to texture off and bilenear filtering and simple clouds on while in the cockpit I get about 18fps but once outside its 7-8 sometimes 12fps and I aviod flying at dusk or dawn its to demanding dor megascenery although my comp used to handle it I just checked for viruses there was 1 but I deleted it and checked for spyware there were quite a few but there gone now and I defraged the drives and still no improvment PLZ HELP ME!!!! :no:

Angelo Cosma
Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) 

Field Service Representative (SEA) ZSE ARTCC

Intel i7 6700K 4.8Ghz / ASUS ROG Maximus Hero VIII / 16GB DDR4 3200Mhz Ram / EVGA 1080Ti FTW3/ Corsair H110i GTX EVGA 850 Watt Gold / Samsung 850 500gb SSD

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You could try using FSautostart. It will free some memory (like going up from 690 to 816 with a 1gig memory). But don't expect to much of it.


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OK, you have a bunch of add-ons. Some of these will reduce performance. I know it is hard, but the only real answer to your problem is to go back and take them off. All the way back to a clean system. Reformat the drives and re-install Windows and FS9.1. At this point you will have the best performance possible with your system, assuming you have current drivers for your graphics card. Add back each add-on package, modifying settings in fs9.cfg as required (some packages require specific settings in fs9.cfg for reasonable performance, and you ignore these at your peril). If you test the performance of the system after each add on is installed, you may be able to identify which one is having a significant effect on performance. It's a lot of work but quick fixes don't really work. Once you have a system that is as good as you can get it, defend it with anti-virus, anti-spyware and perhaps registry fix, a payware package that is helpful in keeping your PC running smoothly. Registry modification is hazardous but I have become a convert after using it for 6 months without problems. A better alternative is Nortons Ghost, which allows an image of the system in the clean state to be backed up and restored when necessary. Personally, I change my configuration all the time, so I don't find the latter approach helpful.Good luck! I have been where you are now, and I know how frustrating it can be.Cheers,N.

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