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Updates for 737 NGX

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Did you buy on the PMDG website or on another website?

In the first case, have a look at the operation center to check which version you have and you will get instructions if you need to update it.

Also, still in the first case, you can log into the PMDG website and download (again) the installer in your 'Previous orders'. The installer includes all the service packs released as far as I remember.

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1 hour ago, Stuart Stratton said:

Where and how do I find rhe service pack for 737 NGX

Hi Stuart - I believe I was in this very same position just a few hours ago. Is yours the Aerosoft Boxed version of the PMDG 737 and you want to get it to run within Steam ?  If so, wsmeier advises: " The updates for the boxed version are downloaded from  Aerosoft here:"  This worked wondrously for me; hopefully this is what you are asking as well. 


Mark Maynard

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