Sloped Runways with Ortho4XP (w/ default data)

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This might be a confusing question, but follow me along here....

Let's take the example airport of KTEX (Telluride). The "default" XP11 runway looks very similar to the real life runway, which is pretty dramatically sloped, by flyable.

If I make an ortho tile of the area that includes KTEX using Ortho4XP, by default, the program will make the runway completely flat.

If I chose the option in Ortho4XP "do not flatten runway," the resulting tile will overlay the runway over the mountainous mesh. In other words, the runway takes on the shape of the surrounding mountain region and is impossible to even taxi on. (It really is crazy looking).

So here is the question: is it possible to create an ortho tile but have the KTEX runway keep the slope from the default XP11 data?

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That's the only thing I know. JOSM path (I'm trying this to learn) 


And what happens if you raise or lower the Curv_tol in the "Step 2"..??

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