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  1. letec

    PMDG FSExpo Announcement

    ..... other product line .....??? ATC or Weather engine addon. Or RC models in PMDG colors
  2. Amazing!! FlyTampa in the XPL market. Wow!
  3. letec

    Virtual co pilot?

    Hi, Sorry if I am misunderstood the question, but this might be of interest to you .. ??? https://www.fspilotshop.com/multi-crew-for-plane-p-5376.html
  4. Hi Mike. Yes. Certainly. The WorldTraffic plugin is considerably better.You can read without problem the manual before purchasing.Of course. If you want :D http://www.classicjetsims.com/WorldTraffic/ Section: manual and Here's a video that will also help you decide. Goog luck.
  5. letec

    [20JUL17] Update thread for XPL users

    Forget it. PMDG can not work in X-Plane. They do not have people and skills. Their first and last work (DC-6) are already falling into oblivion. They need people for other platforms. Update from DD looks good. Happy flight to everyone.
  6. letec


    Of course.This can be understood by every normal person. The problem coming if you want to explain this things FSX / P3D ( accept my deep apology for this expression) fanatics, fan boys and etc.
  7. If they have these added and payware scenery taxilines so yes.
  8. Hi, I have to admit that in this case the price 68$ is favorable. Really amazing work !!! Are you planning anything next ? Thanks
  9. letec

    Really poor FPS !

    Hi, You want more than your PC can handle. Try this: Visual Effects=High(HDR) - I highly recommend that you see what X-Plane can do Texture Quality=High Antialiasing= 4xSSAA+FXAA or 2x4xSSAA+FXAA Number World Objects=High
  10. More individual setting XPL11 http://x-plane.parshukov.com/rendering-options-x-plane-11/
  11. Hi, Can help https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/forums/topic/119195-shadow-enhancement-scripts/
  12. letec

    EFASS Developer

  13. letec

    [20JUL17] Update thread for XPL users

    Thanks. I also try to be patient but B733 and others are not freeware products. But products with a fairly high price tag.
  14. letec

    [20JUL17] Update thread for XPL users

    Not quite. In the IXEG team is the same person who created MU-2. And, of course, all coding depends on this person. So everything is getting slow at a slow pace. Because XPL is not his number one.