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Version 3.3 Available

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There is a new version available.  

It is already loaded onto  Fastspring and should become available to  Flight SIm Store customers in the next day or so.  The Flight Sim Store have prepared their installer  but I don't know when exactly it will be uploaded to their servers.

The release consists of a collection of customer requests that I have received over the past few months.

Aerosoft Zurich V2“Fix”

The Transparency V2 option in the Legacy dialog which generally gives the best solution for legacy airports was causing black markings on the taxiways at Zurich V2.    The “fix” deals with this so you can now use V2 Transparency with this airport.

Tree Lighting Slider
A customer contacted me to say that he liked the Tree Lighting feature which adjusts the lighting of trees when the sun is low in the sky but felt that the effect was too strong.  I have added a slider which changes the strength of the feature.

Shadowing of Backlit MFDs
Another customer complained that the white text on the MFDs)  became hard to read when looking towards the sun.    The reason was that the text was being dimmed by the VC shadowing, which is not how illuminated displays work in real life.   I have added a new feature to disable the shadowing of MFDs in certain aircraft.  This change only effects MFDs that are coded in a specific way - examples include  the 737NGX

Flightport Aircraft

Another customer reported some issues with the Flightport Cessna Soloy which showed black squares around some controls.   Investigation showed that this caused by some “ surface normals” which were broken in some way in the model.  I have added a test into the logic to prevent these normal causing the graphical issues that were seen.

FSX Directory Override

When you installer the fixer libraries you have to specify the path to your FSX installation. You cannot subsequently change this whilst the libraries are installed.  This is to ensure that the fixer knows the state of the installation and so can revert changes accurately if e.g the libraries are uninstalled.    If for any reason you want to switch the fixer to another installation or move your fsx installation then you must uninstall the libraries first, change the path and then re8install the libraries.    

Occasionally customers make a mistake and find that the fixer thinks that they have the libraries installed but that they cannot uninstall because the path is invalid.

Over the last few releases I have added many extra checks into the fixer to assist in these scenarios – e.g it now checks that the directory is valid at startup for instance by looking for fsx.exe – if it cannot find it then the installation path is blanked and can be changed. Additionally there is a new setting to override all the checks and allow you to just change the directory - use with care.


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