RXP GNS 530W/430W V2 v2.2.6 released

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I'm pleased to announce the official v2.2.6 release!

Just go to 'Plugin | Reality XP GNS | GNS # | Check for updates...'

List of changes (since v2.2.5):

  • Changed AlwaysOn option to PowerSource.
  • 2 Additional datarefs for the master device: DTK and XTK
  • 2 New RealityXP.GNS.ini file settings
  • Using xSquawkBox SDK to drive RX/TX flags (unsupported for now)
  • Corrects bug when rebooting the device.
  • Corrects bug with overridden DTK and BRG dataref values.
  • Correct visual bug when rendering the gauge window with large w/h ratio.

Additional notes (v2.2.6):

The first time you run the new version, the 'AlwaysOn' option gets converted to the new 'PowerSource' option, which now offers: Always On, Avionics Bus and Battery Bus.

The 2 new datarefs from the master device are (DTK and XTK respectively):


The 2 new settings are 'locked' and 'LogTrainer' and are explained p14 of the User's Manual. The later is in case of 'trainer crashing' or similar issues. The former is for third party vendors needing to ensure some settings are not altered.

The xSquawkBox integration for the RX and the TX flags is preliminary and not supported at this time. This means it has been untested and we expect your feedback to further improve this integration!

The bugs were more less severe. The first one is a severe one and has been there for a long time unnoticed. It caused the device internals to update at 4hz after a reboot (power cycles off/on, changes in settings requiring a reboot etc...) instead of its nominal update rate.

The second bug was a typical magvar error, the third one was solely graphical (wrong transformations when rotating the buttons).

Download link for both e-commerce installers

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One problem I seem to have is all the GNS_2 commands In 3D cockpit are not working. The GNS_1 commands okay.

ATTR_manip_command button RXP/GNS/CDI_1 
TRIS 11982 6
ATTR_manip_command button RXP/GNS/CLR_1 
TRIS 11988 6
ATTR_manip_command button RXP/GNS/CFLP_1 
TRIS 11994 6
ATTR_manip_command button RXP/GNS/DTO_1 
TRIS 12000 6
ATTR_manip_command button RXP/GNS/ENT_1 
TRIS 12006 6
ATTR_manip_command button RXP/GNS/FPL_1 
TRIS 12012 6
ATTR_manip_command button RXP/GNS/MNU_1 
TRIS 12018 6
ATTR_manip_command button RXP/GNS/MSG_1 
TRIS 12024 6
ATTR_manip_command button RXP/GNS/VFLP_1 
TRIS 12030 6
ATTR_manip_command button RXP/GNS/OBS_1 
TRIS 12036 6
ATTR_manip_command button RXP/GNS/PROC_1 
TRIS 12042 6
ATTR_manip_command button RXP/GNS/VNAV_1 
TRIS 12048 6
ATTR_manip_command button RXP/GNS/RUP_1 
TRIS 12054 6
ATTR_manip_command button RXP/GNS/RDN_1 
TRIS 12060 6
ATTR_manip_command button RXP/GNS/CDI_2 
TRIS 12066 6
ATTR_manip_command button RXP/GNS/CLR_2 
TRIS 12072 6
ATTR_manip_command button RXP/GNS/CFLP_2 
TRIS 12078 6
ATTR_manip_command button RXP/GNS/DTO_2 
TRIS 12084 6
ATTR_manip_command button RXP/GNS/ENT_2 
TRIS 12090 6
ATTR_manip_command button RXP/GNS/FPL_2 
TRIS 12096 6
ATTR_manip_command button RXP/GNS/MNU_2 
TRIS 12102 6
ATTR_manip_command button RXP/GNS/MSG_2 
TRIS 12108 6
ATTR_manip_command button RXP/GNS/VFLP_2 
TRIS 12114 6
ATTR_manip_command button RXP/GNS/OBS_2 
TRIS 12120 6
ATTR_manip_command button RXP/GNS/PROC_2 
TRIS 12126 6
ATTR_manip_command button RXP/GNS/RUP_2 
TRIS 12132 6
ATTR_manip_command button RXP/GNS/RDN_2 
TRIS 12138 6
ATTR_manip_command rotate_large_left RXP/GNS/GPS_OUTR_CCW_1 
TRIS 12144 24
ATTR_manip_command rotate_large_left RXP/GNS/COM_OUTR_CCW_1 
TRIS 12168 24
ATTR_manip_command rotate_large_left RXP/GNS/GPS_OUTR_CCW_2 
TRIS 12192 24
ATTR_manip_command rotate_large_left RXP/GNS/COM_OUTR_CCW_2 
TRIS 12216 24
ATTR_manip_command rotate_large_right RXP/GNS/GPS_OUTR_CW_1 
TRIS 12240 24
ATTR_manip_command rotate_large_right RXP/GNS/COM_OUTR_CW_1 
TRIS 12264 24
ATTR_manip_command rotate_large_right RXP/GNS/GPS_OUTR_CW_2 
TRIS 12288 24
ATTR_manip_command rotate_large_right RXP/GNS/COM_OUTR_CW_2 
TRIS 12312 24
ATTR_manip_command rotate_small_left RXP/GNS/COM_INNR_CCW_1 
TRIS 12336 24
ATTR_manip_command rotate_small_left RXP/GNS/GPS_INNR_CCW_1 
TRIS 12360 24
ATTR_manip_command rotate_small_left RXP/GNS/COM_INNR_CCW_2 
TRIS 12384 24
ATTR_manip_command rotate_small_left RXP/GNS/GPS_INNR_CCW_2 
TRIS 12408 24
ATTR_manip_command rotate_small_right RXP/GNS/COM_INNR_CW_1 
TRIS 12432 24
ATTR_manip_command rotate_small_right RXP/GNS/GPS_INNR_CW_1 
TRIS 12456 24
ATTR_manip_command rotate_small_right RXP/GNS/COM_INNR_CW_2 
TRIS 12480 24
ATTR_manip_command rotate_small_right RXP/GNS/GPS_INNR_CW_2 
TRIS 12504 24

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I have GNS 2 as 430 and GNS 1 as 530 looks like a problem with 430.

Pop-up window works okay.

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Ok I'll look at this right away. Is this "_2" fail regardless, or only with 430? There is a chance the GTN "_2" commands fail the same because both code bases has a change around the handling of commands.

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I've just re-upload the installers with bug corrected and working '_2' commands.

To be on the safe side, and to ensure no files are locked before re-installation, you might want to first manually delete the following files:

  • rxpGNS plugin folder
  • "C:\ProgramData\RealityXP\rxpGnsSim32.dll"
  • "C:\ProgramData\RealityXP\rxpGnsSim64.dll"

Then you just have to reinstall over.

NB: they are re-released with the same version number v2.2.6

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