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  1. bluebell2


    Both. Same on both displays.
  2. bluebell2


    Hi, I have been using LIVETRAFFIC plugin with the GTN 750 and it works great but I have noticed that the display arrow for climbing and descending always points up. Should it not point down when a aircraft is descending?
  3. A bit more testing. As soon as I set connect HSI to CRS the coarse need in HSI starts swinging around as the video above, Tried with the GNS530 and that works fine. It is the GTN 650/750 that is having the problem.
  4. Using XP11.26, Garmin Teainer 6.50.1 and v2.5.8. Will do more testing to-day.
  5. Set GPS drives CRS to false and works but have to select coarse manually. Was working okay before last update, now when I select direct to a airport the helicopter swings left and right chasing the coarse needle in true, large swings of plus 90 degrees.
  6. Same is happening in my Bell 429.
  7. bluebell2

    DreamFoil Bell 407 Integration
  8. bluebell2

    World data base

    Yes Helicopters, my Bell 429. Will wait for next update.😊
  9. bluebell2

    World data base

    Okay I have done so many up date that I now have files every where. The latest 6.50 trainer and I can only get USA airport and nav info even when I have WORLD DATABASE set. It must be something I have not set or put in the right folder but what. All I did was up date to V2.5.4 and the new trainer before that all worked great and I could use EGNO and EGCC. Please help. USA data base is working okay.
  10. bluebell2

    GTN v2.5.2 mouse not working

    Same problem here with XP11.21 and GTN 2.5.2
  11. bluebell2

    GTN 750 + default Cessna 172

    Found on Bell 429 post on OK, I have some time too look at all of this today. Here is the RXP INI file. I plan to look it over, test 1.1 which I still have, and compare the INI files. RealityXP.GTN.ini.txt **EDIT** I found the problem by comparing the INI file with the one in the 1.1 429 installation. The new one had usemouse=false for both windows. Then I re-extracted the INI file from the new 1.2 GTN add-on package and it has usemouse=true. I have no idea how that got changed, as I didn't even open the settings... Anyway, the GTN 750 is working now. I'm leaving the bad INI file attached. OTHERS READING THIS - DO NOT USE THIS INI FILE!!
  12. bluebell2

    GTN 750 + default Cessna 172

    Thanks for the permission, I did the same in my version of C172 to match the default GNS.
  13. bluebell2

    GTN 750 + default Cessna 172

    Hi @Bourrinopathe first I will say I love your 3D models for the GTN 650/750 and can I use them in Bell 429. Also dimensions, did you set width to fit Cessna panel 17.4 cm / 6.85" where the real width should be 15.9 cm / 6.25".? Tom.
  14. bluebell2

    Official Panel Configuration Mods

    Just updated Bell429 to v1.2.0 Enjoy