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  1. Ah, I got it. The UI has changed. This option was in previous versions part of the flight plan option dialog. Now it is moved here. That was indeed what i was searching for, so thjanks for your quick reponse. Marc.
  2. Hi, I cannot find anymore the export options for the garmin gfp: According to the manual: https://www.littlenavmap.org/manuals/littlenavmap/release/2.6/en/FLIGHTPLANFMT.html?highlight=gfp#notes-about-the-garmin-formats-gfp-and-fpl it should be there in the flightplan options but i cannot find it there anymore. Thanks, Marc.
  3. @Ither found it. Thanks a lot for making and sharing. Marc.
  4. Thanks @Ither for adding the GTN to the newer model. Can you do the same for the amphibian version ? I would love to see the GTN here too, Thanks, Marc.
  5. @cc_aeroSascha, Thanks a lot for sharing this info. I did the same and am enjoying the latest nav data on my GTN. Thanks ! Marc.
  6. Hi Jean-Luc Which version of the Garmin Trainer we should use with latest version: v2.5.22.1 ? I am using the the latest version of the Garmin trainer as well = Is this the correct version supported by v2.5.22.1 ? Thanks, Marc.
  7. Hi, Always good news: a new version of the Garmin trainer. However I could not find the update in the Garmin site. What is new in the latest version? Update of the nav database? Cheers, Marc.
  8. Hi, I can confirm the same issue here. and I am not flying rotorcraft. Marc.
  9. Hi Jean-Luc, Thanks for your quick reply. With this new folder it is working again (Just forgot that with each new trainer, Garmin changes the FPLN folder) This thread can put to solved. Marc.
  10. Hi, With the latest version v2.5.4 and the latest trainer GTN Trainer v6.50 the flightplan import button does not show up in the flightplan catalog. With all the previous updates and garmin trainers it worked perfectly. This is what I did so far: 1. Checked access to folder and all folders within C:\ProgramData\Garmin and specifically C:\ProgramData\Garmin\Trainers\GTN\FPLN 2. As this did not work, I created a shortcut instead to C:\FPLN as described in the manual but that also did not work. 3. There are multiple flightplans in the FPLN folder that worked with previous versions and previous garmin trainers. So, is the flighplan import functionality working in the v2.5.4 with GTN Trainer v6.50? Thanks, Marc.
  11. Oke ! Eagerly waiting for the release. Thanks for the update Jean Luc.
  12. Jean-Luc, Like it is in the title: Any news on a release date of the G500/600 for X-plane ? Marc.
  13. Me too. I think we all have. @Jean-Luc: Can you please look into this one ?
  14. That is great news Jean-Luc ! Does the trainer 6.41.1 includes a newer database? Marc.
  15. For me it did not work in Beta 3 but does work in Beta 4. My suggestion would be to use the latest beta version, or stay on 11.05 and wait unitl the beta period is over.
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