Replacing MU-2B Mouse Clicks with Keys or Buttons

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I have a set of 15 Lua scripts that allow some Flysimware MU-2B functions to be controlled with keyboard keys or controller buttons instead of the mouse, which at times can be inconvenient to use while flying. Use of the scripts require a registered (paid) copy of Pete Dowson’s FSUIPC4 program through which user selected keys or buttons are assigned to the different scripts, and thus to the associated MU-2B functions.

There are 10 Lear35A autopilot scripts – one for each of the MU-2B autopilot buttons except for the ENG (On/Off) button, which can be controlled by the FSX standard autopilot On/Off Z key. Any subset of the AP scripts can be used. So for example,  if you tend to only use 7 or 8 of the AP functions most of the time, you can assign keys or buttons to those functions and use mouse clicks for the others, thus 'conserving' keyboard keys.  Actually, even the AP buttons assigned to scripts will still respond to mouse clicks.

There are 5 additional general scripts for controlling the MU-2B landing lights, the external lights as a group (Nav, Beacon, Taxi and Strobe), the gear warning horn, the panel stopwatch, and a headig bug sync (aligns heading bug with a/c heading).  In general, each push of a key or button toggles the assigned function on or off, except the landing light function which is a multi-way toggle. As for the AP scripts, use of these scripts does not preclude using the mouse ‘as normal’ for the same functions.

If anyone is interested in using some of these scripts, a script zip file is available here with ReadMe instructions. .zip?dl=0

Alternatively, if you have a problem accessing Dropbox, you can PM me an email address and I'll be glad to send you the script zip file.

I make no claims of expertise, use the scripts at your own risk.


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The about to be released Ver 2.4 of the MU-2B provides for assigning keys or buttons to the 10 autopilot functions, and so Lua scripts for the AP are no longer necessary (and my original AP scripts above will no longer work with ver 2.4).

However, scripts for assigning buttons or keys are available for:

Exterior LIghts (Beacon, Taxi, Nav and Strobe as a group)

Gear Horn

Panel Stop Watch

Heading Bug Sync

Go Around

Landing LIghts  (three options are available)

If interested, you can download these scripts and an install ReadMe here:



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