BTE World Tour '17 - Legs 7 & 8

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I forgot to post after my flights yesterday. Anyway, here's legs 7 and 8.

After spending a couple of days in London it was time to continue the World Tour. I managed to get to Heathrow around 8am local and after the pre-flight I fired up the PC-12 and was ready for my IFR instructions.

Leg 7 May 17 2017 Heathrow (EGLL) Parking 618, Ramp GA Medium to Brussels National (EBBR) 192 nm, 0 h 46 m, Low Altitude 11,000
Weather - Wind Direction and Speed 260°M, 6 kts, Air Temperature 16°C, 61°F, Pressure 29.95 inHg, Conditions Rain, Visibility > 20 nm:

Holding short, runway 27R for the Kuwaitti Airlines BOEING, B772:

Wheels up - 806am local 906am UTC:

11,000ft over downtown London:

Top of Decent over De Pinte Belgium 32nm from Brussels

Fueled up and ready for EHAM Amsterdam:

Flight time - 1:06
Accumulated flight time - 23hrs 5mins
Accumulated distance - 4955nm

I managed to land at EBBR at 11:12am local 10:12am UTC. I'll be on the ground for a couple of hours to refuel both the PC-12 and myself and hope to get another leg in.

Leg 8 in the next post.

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I got back at around noon with plenty of daylight and good weather left to knock off what will be the shortest leg of the tour so far - Brussels to Amsterdam.

This one may have been short but it was plenty of fun. A low enough cruise altitude and great weather gave me a chance to see a lot of scenery along the way and of course, take pictures.

Leg 8 May 17-17 Brussels National (EBBR) to Schiphol (EHAM) 87 nm, 0 h 26 m, Low Altitude 3,000ft
Weather - Wind Direction and Speed 216°M, 4 kts, Temperature 21°C, 69°F, Pressure 29.87 inHg, Visibility > 20 nm:

I'll probably run out of plane before I run out of flags to put on it:

Wheels up - 144pm local 1144am UTC from the tower:


EBAW and the city of Antwerp from 3,000ft:

3,000ft over Rotterdam:

Cleared to land, ILS runway 36R:

Landed - 2:14pm local 4:14pm UTC
Flight time - :30
Accumulated flight time - 23hrs 35mins
Accumulated distance - 5042

I touched down at 2:14 local. I think I spent more time taxiing than flying on this trip. Anyway, I decided to spend some time seeing the sights and I'll head for Luxembourg Saturday.

Until next time, happy landings!


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