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Abnormal VAS issues?

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I just built a new system - 7700K and have been flying for about a week now with it. I use ORBX with the A2A C182 and settings/sliders about 3/4 to max. Not much higher than I was running with my 2500K. However, when I load the sim with the C182 and AS2016 running, I start with about 1.2-3gb's remaining. With my old system I would be about 2.3ish when I loaded into the sim. I don't have anymore scenery than before or any other addons that could be hitting the VAS this much. I'm using my old 960gtx until I can afford a 1070, so same GPU but I did update to the latest nvidia drivers when I rebuilt (I read they were okay). 

Are my higher settings and the latest drivers causing me to load with only 1.0 gb's remaining?

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Recent Nvidia drivers are ok. You might have upgraded from a non-hyperthreading unit to a 7700K that now does hyperthreading.

One of the reasons why your VAS consumption has raised may be that you leave your sim with HT enabled without using a proper AffinityMask in you p3d.cfg.
Your 7700K is a quad-core with 8 threads when using HT. I recommend using an AM that reduces the thread-usage. More threads don´t lead to more performance but to higher VAS consumption.

Read here for detailed explanation on how to set AM correctly:

I finally landed at an AM of 220 which uses 5/8 threads on 3/4 cores on my i7-4790K. That might work for your quad-core too but it´s mainly a matter of individual testing.
You can also simply try to switch HT off in your BIOS (without using an AffinityMask!). Turning off Nvidias shader cache in your Nvidia control panel should also slightly decrease your VAS usage.

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