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  1. If your backup and your shader folder are both gone the only way to go is to run the P3D client installer. That restores the original shader files.
  2. Schlotterknie

    Haze...more Haze... on Envshade

    Screenshots might be helpful...
  3. Schlotterknie

    Aerosoft A318/319 v. 1.31 & P3Dv4

    That exactly is the mistake. A port to x64 would have kept their customers at their product and that could have been done with very little effort and if some manager tells you that they would had to rewrite the whole code just for a naked x86=>x64 port he does that mentioned 'storyteller' part of his job pretty good ;-)
  4. Schlotterknie

    Aerosoft A318/319 v. 1.31 & P3Dv4

    Calm down dude... I´ve now read that the 'new bus' sentence a several times. I got that point if you believe me or not. That new bus is just not what I´m talking about, so maybe it´s you who doesn´t get it. Why AS didn´t make a plain x64 port before making a 'brand new' product? Simple question, isn´t it? I guess that port might not have been the end of all Aerosoft Airbus development but it would have given customers the possibility to fly the AS bus in an oom free x64 environment. Customer tie ist the magic word here. I´m one of those customers who´s gone elsewhere - no matter what that new AS bus will be like.
  5. Schlotterknie

    Aerosoft A318/319 v. 1.31 & P3Dv4

    I personally don´t care about any delays. That can happen... I don´t mind. The difference between the PMDG NG and the Aerosoft Airbus is... PMDG provided free x64 ports for the whole product line. Aerosoft didn´t. If he was not able to tell stories he´d truly be a bad manager ;-) @Nyxx what do you think is the reason for not porting the old Airbus to x64?
  6. Schlotterknie

    Aerosoft A318/319 v. 1.31 & P3Dv4

    Not making a plain x64 port and doing any further development for a new version afterwards simply was a big mistake. That´s just really pretty bad customer retention. Many users meanwhile went on to a well known competitors product. That´s also what I did.
  7. Schlotterknie

    Aerosoft A318/319 v. 1.31 & P3Dv4

    I didn´t question that. Not for a plain x64 port only. Being a programmer by myself I simply don´t believe any story about the need of completely rewritten code just for x64 compatibility. As I said before... I do understand their decision commercially but I don´t think their underlying argumentation is 100% candid.
  8. Schlotterknie

    FFPS:FFTF question

    Changing the FFTF dynamically really is a great idea... but to be honest... I won´t spend 29€ for a little program that´s only able to adjust the fiber time fraction value. Wonderful idea to a greedy price.
  9. Schlotterknie

    Aerosoft A318/319 v. 1.31 & P3Dv4

    The next Airbus Release from Aerosoft might of course be a "new" product, yes. But that´s not the reason for not porting the "old" Airbus to x64 P3Dv4... In my opinion the reason for that decision was obviously just a commercial one. PMDG managed to port their whole product line within weeks after P3Dv4 release and the program code-base of their products is much, much bigger than those of the AS Airbus. Porting x86 to x64 is not as complicated as some publishers pretend. You don´t have to "rewrite" the whole code base to do so. Aerosoft simply wants to push sales of the "new" Airbus by not giving customers a free x64 port of the old one. That approach is completely comprehensible in terms of business. The way Aerosoft communicates that to the public is not. Anyway, not providing a ported x64 Airbus after P3Dv4 for about 9 months now - just to keep customers at their A320 product family - might have been a huge own goal as they certainly lost market share to FSLabs.
  10. Schlotterknie

    Brown haze

    Haze color is mainly defined by a particular pixel row in the sky texture files. What sky textures do you use?
  11. Schlotterknie

    Too Dark at Night

    In many cases brightness problems of any kind of objects in Prepar3D are caused by the set of sky textures that is currently used. Be aware that these sky textures doesn´t only include information about sky colouring. They do have pixels that define color and/or brightness of sunlight/moonlight, haze, clouds, shadow and fog for day and nighttime. Simply try to switch your sky texture set if you use any of these texture tools like REX, ASCA or ENVTEX. If not you can try to get one of these freeware sets. There are a lot of good and free sky texture sets around in the internet.
  12. Schlotterknie

    PD3V4 Freeze & Crashing

    It´s very, very, very unlikely if not even impossible that a computer freeze is related to a particular airplane livery. In 99% of all cases a computer freeze is caused by unstable hardware and in 90% of that issues bad, sloppy overclocking (especially of the CPU) is the reason for such problems. Did you overclock any of the components of your systems?
  13. Did you enable the clouds to cast shadows and the terrain to receive them in the lighting options of P3D?
  14. If you ain´t got any backup simply run the P3D Client-installer to restore the original shader files. Takes a few seconds only.
  15. Unfortunately that pause is not only currently... I can´t remember any new features since the initial release of PTA. The little version jumps we´ve seen were only made for fixes regarding that activation mechanism and for P3D compatibility.