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  1. It seems that there are issues with the PTA activation service what means that PTA is currently unuseable due to its repetitive online activation mechanism. The Simtweaks website is offline as well... Anybody knows anything about this?
  2. Nobody said that 4GB makes sense. It´s however the minimum requirement following the specs from LM. If I end up with crashes although I´ve got those minimum requirements either those specs are wrong or the program is faulty.
  3. That´s not right. Minimum is 4GB, 8GB is recommended. https://www.prepar3d.com/system-requirements/
  4. @AnkH if you quote me then do it correctly and please stop twisting around the words I write. There are 5 tweaking sections: - Clouds - Lighting - Atmosphere & Fog - Water - HDR & Post-processing Water is still not working what means about 20% of funcionality are inop. If that´s "perfect" for you... fine. To me it´s definetely not.
  5. Yes, seriously. That water tuning is essential so don´t tell me that 2.64 is "perfect". It´s not.
  6. PTA v2.64 doesn´t even work with P3D v4.4 without problems... Su guess how it behaves together with P3D v4.5...
  7. @Sunny Andonov If you want to have a tweaked water surface in P3D 4.4 you have to restore a backup of a 4.3 GPUTerrain shaderfile that has already been tweaked by PTA 2.62 to your liking. If you apply a preset with PTA 2.63 (P3D 4.4) you have to restore the tweaked 4.3 GPUTerrain backup to get your tweaked water surface. Any changes you made in the new 2.63 preset you applied that wrote modifications into the GPUTerrain.fx shader file (which is of course not reduced to water surface tuning only) will then be reverted bakc to what you had in your P3D 4.3 preset as you restored the P3D 4.3 (PTA 2.62) GPUTerrain backup and replaced any changes you made with PTA 2.63. You also have to be aware that you have to restore the P3D 4.3 (PTA 2.62) GPUTerrain shaderfile everytime after you applied a preset with PTA 2.63 (P3D 4.4). The screenshot you provided just shows photoreal surrounding of some airport addon. Not the best of examples in terms of terrain shader tweaking.
  8. You have to restore a shader-file that has already been tweaked by PTA 2.62 under P3D 4.3 after you applied a preset with PTA 2.63. Othwerwise you will overwrite the resored file again.
  9. So far I didn´t notice any problems with the grass. If it´s a shader related problem, a rollback to the GPUTerrain.fx file from 4.3 indeed could help. Could also be that another shader file is affected in that case as the changes in the terrain shaderfile are very small. If you made a 'dirty' update from 4.3 to 4.4 just by reinstalling the client and content package it might be that the content.msi installler replaced some FTX Global textures with standard ones. Reinstalling FTX Global might solve such texture problems.
  10. Those 2 lines have to be changed in the PTA source to make PTA itself compatible with P3D 4.4 again. If you wan´t to tweak the water surface manually without PTA the only way to do is to manually edit GPUTerrain.fx, which is of course more of just 2 lines as mentioned above. Those who made a backup of their modified 4.3 shaders can use the complete GPUTerrain.fx- shader file from there. As far as I tested it´s fully compatible with the 4.4 shaders as Lockheed Martin only made small changes there. Those who don´t have a backup could also reinstall client 4.3, apply their PTA preset with PTA 2.62, backup the generated GPUTerrain.fx file, reinstall client 4.4 apply the preset with PTA 2.63 and then restore GPUTerrain.fx from 4.3 into the 4.4 shaders folder. A bit complicated, I know. But that´s at least a workaround.
  11. Search for "EnvironmentColor.rgb =" in the GPUTerrain.fx file. This is the point where the reflection coefficient is defined. The line below "BaseColor *=" defines the refraction coefficient. Find the definition of the water granularity by searching this: "const float bias =" Search "finalMoonColor =" for specular blend. Serach "reflectionFresnel =" near the area of (or exatcly at) line nr 1218. Home of "Water view angle/darkness factor". If you now what your doing you can do your tweaking manually there, or create a custom tweak with which you can search and replace the parts of the shader codes within a preset file. If you have backups with your tweaked 4.3 shaders it´s much easier to copy the affected shader lines/variable values from there. As you see... not really comfortable doing this by hand. And I repeat: It´s only 2 lines in the new 4.4 shader code that cause the current PTA incompatibility. If I needed several days for fixing 2 code lines and make a new build... I would be fired pretty fast.
  12. It will only take minutes to fix that directly in PTA but it takes maybe an hour or more to write a documentation about how to edit that one shader file separately after a PTA preset with inactive water surface tuning as been applied. Less experienced users might even end up with corrupted shaders if they make anything wrong but I can at least point out the line numbers of the file if I find some time.
  13. I don´t need to wait. I manually edited the 2 lines in the affected shader file. Other customers who don´t know how to do that are still waiting. And as I said before. The effort for fixing that problem is ridiculously low.
  14. The peak of efficiency would be to test at least the most fundamental function of a product before releasing it. It´s eventually not too efficient to have hundreds or thousands of users running around in the net looking for a solution for such a major bug.
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