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Black Square over White Lights + Blank Gauges

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I have been meaning to ask this question for some time, so here goes.

What causes a black square to appear for a few seconds over white lights (like landing or taxi lights)?

I wondered if this is to do with just slow texture loading because on one particular aircraft, my Carenado C337 Skymaster, I have a possibly relates texture issue as well in that if I am in an outside view and I go back to the VC also for a few brief seconds all the gauges are blan and then they just simply pop into view again.

This is not a huge issue but it is just annoying.

Is there a setting that I could play with to try to fix these issues?



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5 hours ago, charliearon said:


Read through this and proceed with CAUTION!  I tried it and wound up having to uninstall and then

reinstall my Sim.  I seemed to have goofed up something or other.

Thanks Charlie - yes I took your advice - PROCEED WITH CAUTION.

I copied the two folders in question then made the changes. FSX got corrupted. So I went back in and deleted the new folders and put the old ones back and all is back to normal.

Also having Light Bloom on or off does NOT make any difference.

Like I said in my post it really is not a big deal, it's just annoying for a second or two - it is certainly livable.

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