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FSW update, backups, MS VC++ versions...

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I really need to share this experience with you, because it turned out to be a positive confirmation of how the default Steam Restore of a backuped game content works, and at the same time rises a question the answer to I really would like to learn ...

1) After the first install of FSW in my home PC, with a slow, and rather stressed this last two weeks, internet connection, an install of work stuff, and at the time of a day I should really be occupying with sleep, inadvertently erased one folder of DTG FSW that was bellow my "AppData" folder using a Python script I had created ( and no, I'm not using Python to automatize game uninstalling :-) )... I shut down the PC and went to bed that day...

I had created a Game Backup using the available Backup menu option in the Steam GUI, and stored it in an external backup disk, so, I followed the various suggestions provided at another thread I started a few days ago, particularly this one which is the default Steam method, and the game was restored very efficiently, and automatically updated to the recently released update when I started it the first time after the restore. Just had to redefine the controllers / buttons / keys... no big deal and I am back in FSW's World enjoying my LAPL training and short flights...

This is the Good Experience I wanted to share - Steam Game Backup works beautifully with FSW - it didn't with FSX:SE. 

Now the question...

--> What puzzles me is that in the "Programs and Features" which I usually order by install date, in the other computer I see MSVC++2015 and 2013 installed together with to the Steam / FSW install, while at home, and since I didn't have MSVC++2013 installed ( because I no longer have any software requiring it installed, and had wiped it... ) only MSVC++2015 and 2010 ( both in their x86 and x64 flavours ) ? I wonder if Steam install, and then FSW only really require 2015, and either 2013 or 2010 ?

Tried to find the MS installer for 2013 but MS tells me it is no longer available, although we can still find the latest versions here:

Anyway, FWS runs perfectly...

And finally an observation regarding performance with the latest update, experienced in two machnes, one with a powerful i7, but a rather tame GTX 650, the other with an old i5 2500, but a GTX 960:

2) In that other PC where I have an i7, but a less powerful graphics card ( GTX 650 ) I noticed that after the last update I get better fps running FSW in a non-maximized window, while at home running FSW in full screen mode gives the better FPS, although near the same values on both ( non maximized wndow in the i7 + gtx650 vs fullscreen in i5 + gtx 960 ), all with the same graphics settings, and the processor on the home pc being an i5 2500, but the graphics card being a GTX 960... Might this have to do with FSW really using more the GPU than MSFS and variants did before ?



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