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Hi, couple of things.  I'm trying to get a cleaner map area.  I've tried different maps.  I've turned off VOR,NDB,ILS,Victor,Jetways and all that can help but I would like to cut out traffic areas (circles) and other color overlays.  An example is around Panama and going east across the top of South America.  I've tried the manual and haven't found anything but could have missed it.

I really like the new feature of showing only airports that have been altered.  Not sure what's happening but I've tried it in areas where there haven't been any afaik altered airports.  I am now reinstalling FSX so I'm pretty sure.  Anyway, I've tried in areas where there have been no alterations and there are still a few airports showing.  Do yo have any idea?  This is after Vector.  Could that be causing it?

Any help with these would be appreciated.


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Hi Rich,

no need to reinstall FSX.

Vector and others like Ultimate Terrain contain airport adjustments that are recognized as airport add-ons in my program. Exclude these in the options dialog. See here in the manual.

The information dock window in Little Navmap shows the path of all involved BGL files which should allow you to identify these airport adjustments.


A cleaner map is "Plain (Offline)" which removes all background clutter except waterbodies. Also switch off POI display in menu "Map" -> "Show Country and City Names".

Airspaces can be hidden in the toolbar or in the menu: "Map" -> "Airspaces" -> "Show Airspaces"  or Ctrl+Alt+C which is kind of a master switch for these.


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