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[Resolved] DAY 3 Install Nightmare

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ok heres the deal, because this takes an hour for me to download the full zip, i have resorted to doing single files in the hopes "hopes" of getting the right files.

however, for some really weird reason, when i check the md5 hashes on all of these files, i find im getting all the right values at one time, then a couple of different values the next time.

i had this same problem i think with rex textures, like 6 GB or something files and it basically came down to pull the lever, lets see how lucky i can get.

if i wanted to gamble i would go to the casino or buy some scratch and sniff lottery tickets.

im not dumb here i have verified these hash's on all of these files for 3 days now and some of them decide to change.?

im to the point now where, i know the installer progress bar rolls back and keeps doing that until it tells me a hash code is incorrect? even tho they mysteriously change over time?

so then it says blah blah blah heres the log file... so i check the log file: failed to validate cont2 or whatever (depends which way the wind decides to blow)

anyway so i fix cont2 or cont1 or scene1 or whatever and the cycle continues.... checking the hashes all along. (but they change!)

what the frick is either wrong with this software or perhaps dare i say windows?

can any1 solve this perplexing issue? ill post my full install log if needed? but then its rinse and repeat all over again! ok it says cont1 cannot be verified.

ok it now says scene3 cannot verify hash. rinse repeat, rinse repeat, donwload again, rinse repeat.

now what?

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52b29d4c19c86de2c55b06f704b667aa  Install_Client.msi
598305ec976dba49dee7c912cf1efc31  Install_Content.msi
84e4be2345c53fa64c5752c2ff959436  Install_Scenery.msi
e781075106498cbef2d463f43d90c621  Setup_Prepar3D.exe

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Just to confirm........

You have successfully Installed the Client by running the Install_Client.msi yes ?   Also you have successfully Installed the Content yes ? 

If you have Not,  Run them now,   First client then Content.  When you have successfully Installed them,  We will then think about the Scenery  

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Poppet! ty for your reply this is very frustrating for me. are you saying i need to install the Install_Client before anything else? and wht about the Content? ty so much.

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well this shows my frustration lol ill be back in a sec will try what you said here, ta dude.

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You can Install the 3 files Individually,  Client Content and Scenery,  The rest of the files in your download folder are Data files for these 3 Installers,  By doing it this we will find out exactly what the Issue is 

In this order........

1) Right Click on Install_Client.msi Click Install 

2) Right Click on Install_Content.msi Click Install 

See how you get on,  If these 2 above files Install Ok you are 66% home,  If you have an Issue,  Paste the log into your next post    

If successful....

Then run the Install_scenery.msi file,  This will tell you exactly which files you need to download again 

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alrite dude ta for your help i discovered that i needed net framework 4.6.2 first off, 

thats done. had success with Client and Content after that.

now will check about the Scenery. thanks.

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want to thank you for your 2 minutes here.

im not sure if this is in the PDF file about the other way not recommended way (download individual files) or not

was going to look into this after work today (closer look at the PDF) but instead took this other route.

my problems started with the Setup_Prepar3D.exe. i kept getting errors. evidentely this is the wrong way at least for me.

anyhow, i think im good it all is installed, so far so good, thanks for your time.

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Good stuff :) 

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