Any Brunner CLS-E yoke owners in here?

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Posted in the HW forum as well but with zero response I figured maybe my luck is better in here since my questions are specifically about the NGX in combination with the Brunner yoke.

Replaced my CH yoke with a Brunner CLS-E yoke and now I'm trying to find out how to best set it up for the NGX.

I know Brunner is about to release some kind of cloud service for people to share profiles etc but until then it would have been great to have some tips from other people using this yoke with the NGX.

The main thing I'm struggling with is the trim setting and whether to use hardware or software trim and if any trim parameters in aircraft.cfg need to be adjusted.

Another thing I noticed is when having hydraulics enabled in CLS2Sim (which seems like a good thing to have in a 737 NG a/c such as the NGX) the yoke initially moves almost all the way towards me when loading the NGX. Not sure if that is supposed to happen? Looking at the visual representation of the yoke in the v/c it seems to be more in a centered position.

Also with hardware trim enabled the yoke "drops" to the left or right. Should mention though I've only tried this standing on the ground so far. Maybe it'll be different once airborne or even when moving on the ground.

As you can see lots of questions so any help, tips or advice would be greatly appreciated.

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I don't have my hardware setup active right now, because of swap to P3D V4, so I can't really check it.

I'm using the Yoke mostly for one and two engine props, so not much for airliners yet. Usually I don't do much more than checking at real pilot forums (e.g. pprune.org ) for any statements regarding control forces, and then adjust the pull force.

I'm using software trim, but I did not follow the recommendation in the CLS-E help info to set elevator_trim_limit" to "0.1. It lead to much too drastic trim changes.I have left these values as they originally are in the aircraft.cfg. Mostly I got a believable trim change that way already.

I didn't touch the hydraulic section yet, but will try when my hardware setup is active again.


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Thanks for chiming in Mike, looking forward to hear back from you once you had a chance to play around with the yoke with the NGX.

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