About to install or upgrade to p3d v4.. any words of advise or warnings? Keep v3.4 etc? Port sceneries?

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I'm seeing such a mix of notes on p3d v4.. that i'm not sure what to do.. i'm getting the sense its best to wait, as many things are broke or not working (IE: carenado aircraft etc), while others work fine..

First off, i'm assuming p3d v4 must be installed from scratch, to a new folder location (i assume i cant install to say my "M" drive, then move to "V" on my ssd later, not without the whole path needing changed, unlike XP11 which is modular)..

On old sceneries and i have a ton, can those just be "copied" over, or linked over perhaps, once the base p3d V4 install is in place?  Whats the best route to take here based on the weeks or so of experience to this point?
My V drive is too full to just start from scratch on the same drive.. so my alternative idea is to just delete p3d v3.4 (or point v4 to the sceneries without fully deleting and install addons one by one, the ones that work anyway)..

Feels like a big mess to me.

Any thoughts/suggestions/experiences so far?

Thanks in advance

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Well, I decided to try it out partly because it's 'new', and partly because I can use it for beta testing.

However, I've been impressed to the point where I likely won't bother keeping 3.4 around. Since P3D wasn't my primary sim already, there's no point in having both copies - especially considering just how decent V4 seems to perform. Granted, I'm not going to tossing huge payware airports and PMDG aircraft at it anytime soon, as my flying habits tend to run much smaller, in much more out of the way places, but being able to run something like the RealAir Legacy in an FTX region with fairly thick autogen and cloud cover at 4xSSAA and still keep 60 fps... well.. 3.4 is toast for sure.

Anyhoo... that doesn't really answer your question. So my thoughts:

- Don't plan on using it unless you're willing to go simple (for awhile). There's not a ton of payware aircraft that are 100% functional. But since I tend to stick with one aircraft at a time, having an old favorite such as the Legacy is good enough for me.

- If you have FTX scenery currently installed in 3.4, DON'T uninstall and delete. FTX Central is able to intelligently pull installed files from your 3.4 installation so that you don't have to download full regions. Saves time and bandwidth. FTX airports aren't yet available, only regions, Global, and landclass.

- I have read that trying to install certain older aircraft in V4 can mess with them in 3.4. Not sure what the fixes are, I can't be bothered to find out - simply going to only use V4 for my P3D flying anyhow, so if it breaks in 3.4, I don't much care.


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