No OSD for Graphic Monitor in P3Dv4 Since 107

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Today I found that I can longer see the On Screen Display info from EVGA Precision in my P3Dv4 window (fullscreen mode).  I have been using this utility to display various graphic card data (including framerate and temps) while I get to know how the various sliders in V4 impact performance, but suddenly today no more display in the sim no matter what I do.

However I noticed that when I open the Chaseplane window while in the sim, I can clearly see that the EVGA Precision OSD data is being displayed in the Chaseplane box instead!  It's like the OSD is locked to Chaseplane and won't work in the main P3D window like it always did before.  This was all working normally last night.

Did you guys happen to make any changes to how Chaseplane starts up within P3D with Exp build 107?  As far as I can tell the only config change to my system since the OSD stopped working was the download and update of version 107 today, so that's why I'm posting here even though it seems like a stretch that the two would be related.

Thanks, Kevin

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Have you tried using the Hardware Monitor app?  I like it better than any software made by specific card manufactures for monitoring, though of course you can't control any settings with the app.

Best wishes.



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