FSX SE 7.3 Beta SIDs Stars Setup and Wizard not showing up

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Hello all  FSX SE  Beta 7.3 testers on

My installation along with all the 7.XX voices went smoothly .

I can see all the others under start menu->VoxATC FSX SE. like Advanced setting, ATC Type Aircraft Editor, Flight trainer, Flight Extra etc including some new ones like Net client, Net client Firewall.

However, I am missing (not installed/cannot see)the SIDS/STARS setup  and SIDS/STARS WIZARD under the start menu->VoxATC FSX SE.

I have also downloaded and installed LevelD 767 Airac cycle 1707 . I can see the sid/stars in the 'procedure pronunciation editor' for  any airport of my choosing. So I know that they are there.

I simply cannot enter a SID or STAR of my choosing.

 Any thoughts ? Ideas? suggestions? Any help would be appreciated.

Best Regards




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I'm not sure that I understand the question. VOXATC 7.3 does not have either of those utilities. To set your SIDs and STARs, all one needs to do is create a flight plan with the correct transition waypoint for the SID and STAR (not all the waypoints in each SID and STAR)  for the departure and arrival airports, respectively. VOXATC's ATC will figure it out and vector you correctly to the active runway. As it states on VOXATC.com:


SIDs and STARs

SIDs and STARs are available from the Navdata AIRAC cycle. Assignments are based on the runway in use and current flight plan. The proper name for the assigned procedures is used in the corresponding clearance. As an example, at Heathrow the MAY2G departure is assigned as mayfield two golf.

There is a Flight Plan Extras Utility, but that allows alternate flight plans, enroute holds and eliminating vectors to the approach.

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