Just purchased he Virtualcol Crj Series pack would like help adding the ISG gauges to the panel and vc

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I hope someone will be able to help me add the ISG ND and Smiths fms to the panel and the fms to the VC. I would really appreciate it! I have no experience panel editing. Thanks guys! 

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One of the best things you can do, is to look here:


and here:


Editing or adding a 2D panel is pretty simple, and you can create new 2D panels easily, look on that forum to see how to do that, but it isn't vastly different from the VC editing tutorial I've written for you below on this post. Editing a VC can get a bit more tricky, but is possible (with some limitations, largely the limitation is that you can only swap out one gauge for another in the exact same location, but not add other gauges on spare blank places in the VC). See the little tutorial below which I've written for you and this will become easy to understand. So, here is a super quick tutorial on how to change a VC gauge, to give you the gist of things:

Below, in bold, is a section from the FSX default Douglas DC-3's Panel Configuration File. It is the part which deals with the Virtual Cockpit...


gauge01=Douglas_DC3!clock,                      404, 155, 70, 71    
gauge02=Douglas_DC3!oat,                        401, 400, 72, 73

Now, have a look at the line in this bit (above) where it says:

gauge01=Douglas_DC3!clock,      404, 155, 70, 71

See it? Cool. Now we're gonna edit that so it shows a different gauge instead of the clock...

Here's how it works.. FSX will display a gauge in the VC's Gauge 01 position, and the name of that gauge it will display is Douglas_DC3!clock. The four numbers separated by commas which appear after the name of the gauge are used to define a specific size and location for that gauge. If I changed that line so that it instead said:

gauge01=Douglas_DC3!radio_compass,                      404, 155, 70, 71

And then I fired up FSX and loaded up the DC-3, now we would find that instead of showing the clock in that position, it would now show the DC3 radio compass. Simple eh?

This is the essence of swapping out gauges in a VC, and so long as you have a gauge, and it could be any gauge you like (including your new ISG ones), then you can swap and change them by making edits such as this to an aircraft's panel config file and saving that change you made. Just make sure you get the name of the gauge you want to use right.

Note that if you are new to all this, make a back up copy of the original panel config file before you start, so that you can put things back how they were if you cock anything up.

You can edit those config files with nothing more sophisticated than the Notepad application on your PC. With a few goes at doing it you will find that it is very easy to get the hang of. The thing you need to be aware of, is the four numbers which appear after the name of the gauge, in this case, '404, 155, 70, 71'. control the size of the gauge (width and height)  and the position it is placed in that VC  (vertically and horizontally), so if you change those numbers, you will alter the size and position of the gauge in the cockpit.

So here's a nice easy one for you to try, just to get an idea of how simple this stuff is...

Open up a default aeroplane's panel config file in Notepad, and change one of the numbers of a VC gauge just a little bit, save the file (make a back up just to be safe first), then fire up your sim and look at how the gauge has changed (it will either be a different size or have moved a bit, depending on which number you changed and how big the change was).

If you open up the config file again and change the number back to how it was, the gauge would be back to how it started the next time you loaded up the sim. This is the only part of doing all this which is a pain in the arse; you have to quit and restart the sim to see the changes update.

Have fun.


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1 hour ago, Chock said:

you have to quit and restart the sim to see the changes update.



Actually, you only have to bring up the top menu, go to Flights/Restart Flight and you will now see the new gauge/gauge position.

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