scenary load crash

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I have been running this post on on the P3d forum and someo0ne suggested may be worth posting on yours Oliver 

I have been using the xml method of adding scenery using Lorby Si tool . Have hit a problem installed last night  orbx eu freeware airports last night and it crashed after the scenario window .Uninstalled and all worked reported on forum and no one has had an issue . Today I installed naples from aerosoft same issue . After hours of head scratching I disabled all xml add ons . Sim loaded fine. I found if I disabled any two xml add ons all was good in the world again. Added the disabled xml scenery's manually the old way and all scenery's . Almost as if there is a cap on how many .xml addons you can have.

It did not matter which add ons I disabled . I just had to disable 2 andf manually re-enter any I ideas Oliver . I have 27 scenery entries as xml and a further 21 misc files and planes in the same manner

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Hi Colin,

I have seen your thread and thought about it. I don't know if there is a limit to the number of add-on.xml files (that would be a question for LM actually), but I would be very surprised if there was. I would turn on the content error logging now, let the sim run into the crash and then check what was written in the log. Immediately after the crash I would check the windows event log too.

Question: exactly how are you disabling the two addons? And what does "manually re-enter mean"? Adding it to the scenery.cfg?

Btw., the sim crashing is usually related to active content, not sceneries. Did you add a gauge, a tool or a new aircraft recently? Are there traffic related BGLs in the Orbx package? If there are, it might be worth a try to disable them.

Best regards


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Thanks for advice I will look in to it again and see if I can get some answers the weekend has now gone and time for testing gone but will fall back to this one .


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