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F-35 Autopilot

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Is it just on my system, or is the autopilot in the F-35 broken in v4?  I can't change any settings, I click on anything (altitude hold for example) and it sets to zero.  Then if I click away, it goes back to a default setting.  I can't put it up or down.

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According to Dino, the only thing not working is the fuel transfer system. You might check on his site:

Here is a C&P from his site on the F-35.

"In general, the compatibility of P3Dv4 with addons native to FSX and P3D is quite high, as long as there are no external C++ modules involved in the aicraft systems. For what concerns my aicrafts, they often use Doug Dawson's fuel dump and sound effects gauges respectively to manage some fuel system functions (such as external fuel tanks loading/unloading, in flight refuel etc.). These gauges are currently not compatible with P3Dv4, hence:

- In-flight refuel will not work. Aicrafts with external fuel tanks will have minor issues (such as enabling to refuel non-existent external tanks).

- Custom sounds such as voice warnings and other sounds (e.g. the SideWinder growl) will not be played.

...apart from that EVERYTHING else seems to work (except the F-35B STOVL...see below), so by and large I'd say my aicrafts are compatible with P3Dv4. I will update my aicrafts if/when updated versions of these modules become available. 

Also, at present Tacpack is not compatible with P3DV4 - so none of the aircrafts will have tacpack functionality."

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Well that's very odd, so it is just my install then.  I wonder if there's something I can do.



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