P3D V4 - Saitek Switch Panel Not Functioning

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Help Please Scotfleiger!

With your previous assistance I have installed LINDA on FSX and this gave full LINDA control and functionality of my Saitek Yoke, VRI MCP Panel and Saitek Switch Panel.

I have now decided to install and develop P3D V4 for what I believe are all the all the right reasons.

P3D sits in a separate directory structure from that of FSX to ensure no cross functioning between the two.  I have downloaded and installed FSUIPC and LINDA for P3D v4 and followed the same principles as per the FSX installation.  With only default aircraft at this time, the Yoke and the MCP Panel function perfectly under LINDA.  However, try as I may, I cannot get the Switch Panel to work at all despite the fact that it is recognised by the LINDA Configuration check list.  I have looked in the LINDA config-hid-saitek.lua file and all the switch panel assignments are there. I have downloaded the P3D V4 Saitek Drivers but this makes no difference.  I just cannot get them to reflect in the Switch Panel.

Be grateful for some guidance please!

Thanks - Roger

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Hi Roger

As you have realised, the P3Dv4 and FSX are completely separate and independent installations. For LINDA you will need to duplicate what you had for FSX. The config-hid-saitek.lua file has no effect or function - it only provides default assignments that have to be manually edited into your config-hid.lua. 

However, the easiest way is to copy your config-hid.lua file from FSX to P3Dv4. Copy from FSX /modules/linda-cfg/aircrafts/fsx default/ to the new one for P3Dv4. The assignments made for FSX Default will apply to all aircraft unless changed for each aircraft. When you select the Joystick page and Saitek Switch Panel you should see the assignments listed again the buttons. If not try again. 

Obviously, you need LINDA 3.0.1 for P3Dv4 but I am sure you know that. 



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Dear Scotfleiger. Once again thank you for your help.  Just to confirm I do have the relevant LINDA and FSUIPC downloads.  Other than that it is now all functioning correctly!  Basic is good - now for the add-ons :-)

Rgds - Roger

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