Query on Camera Select Hotkey Assignments

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A query for the devs really, but all replies appreciated!

Recently purchased Chaseplane, and having fired it up I notice that in the cameras.cfg file, the onboard, outside, static and gimbal cameras use camera select hotkeys 1, 6, 5 and 8 respectively. However it's not clear what key assignments are associated with 6, 5, and 8, (if any!). So here's my first dumb question, probably at the head of a long list!

Up to now, In order to use the camera hotkeys for any additional cameras that I might introduce, I have allocated Camera Select Hotkeys 5 to 9 to the key combinations CTRL+F5 to CTRL+F9, regardless of whether they are used in any scenario, just for convenience. Should I delete the assignments for hotkeys 5, 6 and 8? Does it matter to Chaseplane that these allocations are there? If I use the preferences page to allocate hotkeys, can I pick the assignments I have already made for the the 5, 6 and 8 hotkeys?

The app seems to work OK regardless of the P3Dv4 allocations, except if I choose to use the CTRL+F5 etc assignments I get what seems to be the correct views but with eyepoint and/or zoom screwed up, but switching is OK.


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Views should be controlled through ChasePlane directly and not from the sim. You can assign those controls (without going into the nerdy hotkey stuff) in ChasePlane > Preferences > Control Assignments

Here is a tutorial on how to efficiently do control assignments in ChasePlane:


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OK, thanks for the reply Keven.

I'll delete and avoid the particular hotkeys in question, and assign everything through Chaseplane.

Just started to hook up an XBox360 wireless controller for camera control through Chaseplane. This app is a delight to use!

Good luck with the project.

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