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  1. Hmmm...….. How about a range of submersibles / submarines with missile firing capabilities. Would fit with P3D bathymetry and weapons capabilities! Wild guess, but might fit Robert's criteria!!
  2. Flight Control Replay by Fabio Merlo also looks promising http://secure.simmarket.com/fabio-merlo-flightcontrolreplay-professional-edition-fsx-p3d.phtml
  3. Thanks for the replies, I did in fact remove it (backed up file first), and as predicted by Chris, made no difference!
  4. I have a three (4K) monitor setup, which is configured to use viewgroups in P3Dv4, where the monitors are set at a specific angle (50 deg). To achieve the correct views out of the two side monitors the zoom value is fixed at 1.2 for this configuration, (and remains so as views are changed) but the eyepoint etc can be adjusted. This works fine and I use viewgroups exclusively. However, with Chaseplane installed and with viewgroups switched on I seem to be having issues when switching presets, especially when switching from onboard to outside, I suspect because the zoom setting is changing, but this may not be the only cause. How compatible is Chaseplane with viewgroups in P3D at present?
  5. OK, thanks for the reply Keven. I'll delete and avoid the particular hotkeys in question, and assign everything through Chaseplane. Just started to hook up an XBox360 wireless controller for camera control through Chaseplane. This app is a delight to use! Good luck with the project.
  6. Hi A query for the devs really, but all replies appreciated! Recently purchased Chaseplane, and having fired it up I notice that in the cameras.cfg file, the onboard, outside, static and gimbal cameras use camera select hotkeys 1, 6, 5 and 8 respectively. However it's not clear what key assignments are associated with 6, 5, and 8, (if any!). So here's my first dumb question, probably at the head of a long list! Up to now, In order to use the camera hotkeys for any additional cameras that I might introduce, I have allocated Camera Select Hotkeys 5 to 9 to the key combinations CTRL+F5 to CTRL+F9, regardless of whether they are used in any scenario, just for convenience. Should I delete the assignments for hotkeys 5, 6 and 8? Does it matter to Chaseplane that these allocations are there? If I use the preferences page to allocate hotkeys, can I pick the assignments I have already made for the the 5, 6 and 8 hotkeys? The app seems to work OK regardless of the P3Dv4 allocations, except if I choose to use the CTRL+F5 etc assignments I get what seems to be the correct views but with eyepoint and/or zoom screwed up, but switching is OK. Thanks
  7. Thanks for the heads up Robert, and thanks to the PMDG team for all the hard work in getting the updates to us all. I'm sure we all appreciate the detailed communications too, don't get that sort of support very often!
  8. While searching the 777F Aircraft.cfg file I found what looks like a typing error in the "Flaps.0" section, where the letter W appears on the type=1 line before the comment markers (see below) I have no idea if this is likely to affect anything (if indeed it is a typo!), but thought I'd better mention it as none of the other config files seem to have a similar entry. Should I delete it? [Flaps.0] type=1 W// ** FLAPS ** extending-time=54 // Total seconds span-outboard=0.69 // 0.0 .. 1.0 flaps-position.0= 0.00000 // pseudo-degrees flaps-position.1= 6.11111 // 1 11 sec flaps-position.2=13.33333 // 5 24 sec flaps-position.3=16.66667 // 15 30 sec flaps-position.4=19.44444 // 20 35 sec flaps-position.5=26.11111 // 25 47 sec flaps-position.6=30.00000 // 30 54 sec lift_scalar = 1.0 drag_scalar = 1.0 pitch_scalar= 1.0 system_type = 1
  9. The "install complete" message does not clear until you close the notepad window. The OC waits for the window to close!
  10. Hi I think there may be an issue! Are you installing for both P3Dv3.4 and P3Dv4? If so shouldn't the target folder for P3Dv4 should be "D:\Prepar3d_V4\PMDG\PMDG 777X\" I've split your file text at the point where Install for P3Dv4 commences. The installer still seems to reference the P3Dv3.4 folder (??) Also, in the statement ... 2017/06/29 00:44:15 [PMDG 1] PMDG 777-200LR/F path should be D:\Prepar3d_V3.4\\PMDG\PMDG 777X\ there are two backslashes after 3.4, but this may just be a typo! Cheers
  11. Hi Mike Thanks for the reply. Yes, I did edit the panel.cfg file as you describe. I've just loaded up the 777 to do the tutorial flight, and the panel is now responding correctly! Not sure what was going on previously, as I also did a reload, as well as restarting the sim. Guess I'll have to put it down to finger trouble, I obviously didn't do something right! Thanks again for responding.
  12. Not a showstopper, but since I found this I thought I'd post a comment on it to see if anyone else can confirm, out of curiosity. While setting up the T7 (version 1.10.8363) in P3Dv4, I altered the position entries for CDU left and right in the panel.cfg file. However it seems (on my system at least!) that whatever value position entry I insert for the left CDU (SHIFT+2), the panel refuses to move from the bottom right of the screen. The right CDU (SHIFT+3) responds to different position entries as expected. This happens ONLY on the 200LR. The 777F and the 747 are perfectly OK. Is it a bug? Can anyone else confirm? (I can shift it with the mouse as normal)
  13. :dance:WooHoo! It's been a while getting here, thanks go to PMDG and the BETA testers for all the hard work. Now where did I put my savings tin?
  14. If you can release it by Nov I'll get someone to buy it for me as a birthday present! Probably not much hope of that, but fantastic news nevertheless Thanks for all the hard work guys.
  15. Thanks for the heads up and for keeping your heads down! Looks awesome.
  16. Not familiar with EPIC stuff, but opening notepad and operating controller should send key commands to notepad? More brutal, yank out the usb conn while on FS9 and see if it recovers! Also check that key commands being used are not being used by windows as shortcuts?
  17. Might be worth checking that your controller software is not sending a continuous stream of key commands, and tying up the interface. Happened to me on my X52 till I figured out what was going on (on FSX at the time)
  18. I think (hope) that PMDG are working with Lockheed Martin to resolve this problem. Regardless of correctly installing the legacy Simconnects, and loading up the PMDG 737 first, the VC clickspots issue occurs (for me at least) on a totally random / intermittent basis on P3D v3.1 and Windows 10. I can start P3D, load a saved scenario and get the problem, re-start P3D, re-load the exact same scenario and everything works! Doesn't seem to happen with the 777 as far as I recall. I've learned to live with it, hoping that PMDG / LM resolve it in the next release(s), I've no hair left to tear out! Edit - I also have never used EZDOC
  19. FWIW I'm using 361.75 on Windows 10 build 10586.71 and P3Dv3.1, driving both a GTX960 and a GTX780 (see signature), and have had no display problems (so far!). :smile: The GTX960 also has a reasonable overclock applied (I don't use NVI, just MSI afterburner, and NVidia control panel for 3D settings).
  20. Thanks Robert, and to PMDG for all the hard work. P3D v3 is compatible with Windows 10 (hardware drivers being a separate issue!). Can we assume that the PMDG products compatible with P3D v3 also have no (known!) issues regarding Windows 10? Thanks Dave Nash
  21. Yes, I suppose I have to admit it's a bit like a solution without a real problem! Sometimes curiosity gets the better of me! Thanks for the replies and suggestions, if I ever get to know I'll post it! Regards Dave
  22. Hi Dan Sorry for the delay, thanks for the reply. I was just curious to find out what each line / parameter in the rte file represented (i.e. it's structure), in the hope that I could directly modify the file to insert fixes, waypoints etc, or possibly even write my own editing software. I'm aware that most flight planning software provide the facility for exporting a flight plan in various formats, and I thought that a simple editor could be quite handy instead of having to run the sim to edit and save through the FMS /CDU, or via a flight planning app. As I pointed out, the question has been raised before, with a hint that PMDG might issue some documentation, but I couldn't find anything. Since the export facilities are available, someone must know! Regards
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