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  1. I've used your latest version twice so far....no issues for me other than setting the parking brake before removing the chocks at the gate. Great job. It's a nice bridge to get me started with Cold & Dark...I will eventually do the full checklist, but this is great.
  2. I had been seeing this frequently. I uninstalled FSX and re-installed to C:FSX instead of the default location. Haven't had a crash since.
  3. jturie

    Saving a Route on FMC

    Someone can correct me if I'm wrong (don't have NGX up and running right this second), but I don't think you get to type in the name....you just hit save, and PMDG generates the company route name.
  4. jturie

    What are NGX Long and Short Panel States?

    Diego:A quote from page 48 of the IntroWe have included the following panel states for you to use:NGX CLD DRK: This is the airplane completely shut down.NGX LONG: This is the airplane on a long ground turn.NGX SHORT: This is the airplane on a short ground turn...hence the reason for my post "but the documentation just mentions them in passing". I don't know the industry nomenclature, so "long ground turn" and "short ground turn". Mean nothing to me. I really did read the intro cover to cover :(
  5. I've recently acquired this magnificent simulation and have been having a blast following the tutorial and creating some of my own flights using the tutorial steps. I will eventually do a soup-to-nuts Cold & Dark flight but I need to get more experience with flying this bird. I don't want to just start out on the active runway with everything running, but I don't want to do a Cold & Dark every time either.I noticed that there are "NGX Short" and "NGX Long" panel states stored in the FMC, but the documentation just mentions them in passing. Does anyone know what these states are? In other words, I would like to know where in the checklists these panel states kick in. Looking at the "Short" state, the APU is running, looks like the IRS is aligned....it's possible that the plane is ready for pushback and start after loading the FMC??Any info would be a great help. Thanks. (BTW I did search the forum before posting this, but didn't see anything.)
  6. jturie

    FSX: A holy grail of no CTDs?

    Kendall:If it helps, I have the same Dell box, and do not get that message at all. Running a different Videocard (7600GT, most recent drivers). I just installed FSX clean on this system after a defrag, and then immediately put on SP1. Have not tweaked any graphics/AA settings yet, just running at FSX's suggestions.