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Cabin Pressurization Issue?

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Hello, all.  

First off let me say I am impressed and now feel much better with FS2Crew and the 737 NGX.  My PMDG collection is now complete.  However, oddly enough my maiden flights went smoothly, then today I started having an odd issue.  While I was streaming this morning, I had a cabin pressurization failure, even though in PMDG settings it swore I had no failures set.  It did show the cabin as "failed", but it would not let me reset it.  I figured it was a random fluke.

However I am on a flight now as we speak and had the same thing happen again, but this time I think i caught the issue.  I was troubleshooting and noticed that neither pack was on.  Both L Pack and R Pack were off.  After manually flipping those on the aircraft started to pressurize and the failures cleared.

Anyone else encountering this?  My F/O usually handles the packs, but for some reason today he isn;t and I do not see a setting in FS2Crew for this.

If it helps, I am running SOP1 and first I tried on the 739 winglet Southwest from PMDG, and just now I had the issue on the Poseidon as well.

I know it is user error, because if not there would be a flood of posts here already, so if someone can let me know where I went wrong and how to correct it, I'd greatly appreciate it.

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Don't know if this is it. Alarm will go off if you start to descend before you reach the cruise altitude you set on the pressurization panel. 

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Unfortunately that is not it.  It goes off during climb and I verify that the pressurization system is indeed not pressurizing.  No indications on the main panel at all.  No lights anywhere.  Just an audible alarm.  I have also double checked and verified I am running the latest update to P3D as per the suggestions in the users manuals.

I may have a theory on the issue, though.  I made some changes in my configuration settings for SOP to let the first officer do all the pre-flight stuff.  I won;t be trying it until tomorrow, but if it works maybe he will catch something I am missing.  I also completely overhauled and re-wrote my flow spreadsheet, though i didn't see any changes to really speak of, but I did format it to make it less likely for me to miss a step.

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