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I'm going to get VOC going and other VR ramblings.

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For the first time, I landed the AT-6 Texan without ground looping, because I am in the cockpit now, and have a "feel" for the plane as opposed to just looking at it.


I have soloed a 150 and a Citabria before injuring my neck and have many many hours in a 3 axis parasol ultralight with conventional gear.


An RC pilot can get into a real plane and do well, but a real pilot with no RC experience will crash the RC plane and destroy it because there is no "feel" involved, only sight.


Now if you are using VR with the camera at the pilots position in the plane it would be easy, if the sensitivity of the controls is dialed back.


I am almost ready to delve back into my VOC program and it will be great as it will work with any game, any aircraft etc, I have MCE, and love it, but I can set all the voice responses up myself, etc...


I actualy have at least one of the voices that MCE uses, I bought several voices (Text to speach) during a sale awhile back.


I have one woman with a sexy voice and will make her flirty, lol.


Anywho, coming from a 1080 monitor, and 540 in each eye VR with Riftcat, Vridge, and my cellphone in a cheap headset, I am loving the OR's resolution, because I realize:


Look how long monitors have been around, and how long it took them to reach 1080p, then 4k, and VR is new and folks want to complain they only get 1080 x1200 in each eye, come on, give me a break!


I am so excited to be in on VR in it's infancy and am glad it's not in 8 or 16 bit like I grew up with.


2D flight simulation will never be the same for me again, most gaming won't for that matter.


If it's not VR I don't want it, except for solitaire and the like on my cell phone while waiting in the Dr's office etc...


I love the OR.

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