Military airfields in FSX-SE

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You may have noticed that there has been a noticeable market increase in pay-ware military aircraft for FSX. Some of the best products on the market are military aircraft - VRS F-18 Superbug - MilViz T38, F-86, F-100, F-4 Phantom (3 different versions),P-38, Ju87 Stuka, UH1 Huey - JustFlight Tornado, Canberra, Mosquito, Aeroplane Heaven Hawker Typhoon, Aerosoft BAC Lightning,  A2A products (too many to mention)... etc etc etc. And then there are the weapons packages provided by Captain Sim and especially VRS TacPack... It seems like there's a significant customer base for military flying in the FSX/P3D market.

What is often missing is a suitable environment for these aircraft to operate in. Other than a handful of RAF airfields in the UK done by the now inactive Airfield Construction Group and one or two others, and a freeware package for LLOV Ovda in Israel, it's almost impossible to find  QUALITY military airfields. Yes, I do know about MAIW and Team-SDB, and I greatly respect their efforts. But compared to the ACG products, they are not really up to contemporary standards though their latest products do show noticeable improvement. But to see what is really possible, what sets the absolute standard for military air bases, you need to go to FS9. Check out "Harrier Hides" and RAF Bruggen and RAF Gutersloh to see scenery that will take your breath away, it is so realistic.

Some of them, especially WWII,Korea and Vietnam era, as well as military helicopter sceneries from any period, could be quite sparse so it doesn't have to be a huge project involving hundreds of custom files. Nor does it require absolute accuracy - just something that is of good quality and is immersive enough for it to feel like "home" for the many military high-quality aircraft currently on the market.

I wonder if there are any designers, freeware of payware, who would give this some consideration? Given that many of the objects are standard military buildings and equipment, it might be feasible to do a package of airfields in a particular area without it being a task that would take years to complete. It may even be possible to partner with Orbx, using their regional sceneries, many of which contain enhanced military airfields which are better than stock, but not fully developed products. If Orbx gave permission, it might make sense to start with these enhanced airfields, improve them and then release them as stand-alone products. (Which would have to include the particular Orbx region for it to work properly, so there's an economic motivation for them to cooperate).

I realize that this may have limited appeal. But I thought it was worth a try


Ian Scott

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