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  1. An Early morning shot of China's new AT200 drone starting a supply run to the SCS...
  2. Why not just check the product page - and use simple math, of course. The $30 US software comes with a 3 year subscription. While it seems possible you could connive a renewed subscription; how much, at an aggregate cost of $10/year, could you save, over rewarding the publisher for an innovative product and simply re-purchasing?
  3. There are three default, animated flags, from which you can modify the default texture, by replacing it with a custom texture of your own with the same name. All instances of this model will display the new texture. You will not be able to go beyond this with this technique and MCX can't help with this, because MCX cannot compile this animation. For example, you cannot copy a default flag, change the GUID, apply your new texture to it and have both.
  4. Or, you could just select a long or pie shaped building model and place several instances of it, in a circular rotation, such that the result resembles a round building.
  5. "support@taxi2gate.org," is a message posted by user "Taxi2gate" in this thread: http://forum.iflysimx.com/topic/1425-what-happened-to-taxi2gate/
  6. Have not worked on the scenery for about a week - directly, but I've completed another ship for placement, that I hope will also be showing up in a soon to be released installment of a popular and high quality AI ship traffic compilation. Here are a few images of Kunlan Shan placed in the bay formed by Subi Island. It has animated radars and flag and three LOD models to manage all those polygons:
  7. I replaced the images from the blocked hosting service and added a few more.
  8. Thanks for asking, there has been a great deal of updating going on, actually. I'll qualify these images by stating they have been captured during the course of development, things will change and often improve. There are three islands, Woody's Island or Yongxing Dao: Subi Reef or Zubi Dao: I am in the process of creating a new ground.bgl for Fiery Cross Reef: There are four dedicated AI aircraft, 5 if you count the second J-11 that usually fly within a few hundred yards of each other as they patrol between Subi and Fiery Cross: There is also a Chenghe Z-8, created for this scenery: The Alphasim Tu-16 in Xian H-6 colors, below you see a static Y-20 transport created for this scenery: Finally there is the FAIB 737 in Hainan Airlines livery and the PAD CRJ-700 in China MOD livery: There are three AI ships patrolling the various islands and I intend to set one on course to the default oil rig, which I have placed in the Gulf of Tonkin, at the reported location of Haiyang Shiyou 981 and placed and airport designator of HYSY also: I'll close with a few postcard images of current status.
  9. These were actually some of the very first addons I downloaded back in the day. I've moved on but Google hasn't..
  10. Pretty sure Avsim is not going to cap down on Milviz for replying to a thread for a, may I observe, on topic suggestion to try their product. Get real Glynn and Milviz, please don't stop sponsoring Avsim just because some of the posters are confrontational.
  11. Placing a pinned endorsement above File Library News signals a departure from the old Avsim. It appears Avsim may have abandoned it's roots and is shifting focus on what type service it provides to the community. It seems to be encouraging commerce, even though it has arguably the worlds largest repository of community shared files; what a burden, eh? The file library may be stagnant, but I don't see any pins encouraging amateurs, novices or grass roots developers to upload new files, or learn how to create content.
  12. I intend to do a new scenery for a development in the Spratly Island Group, which is known as Woody's Island internationally and Yongxing Dao in China. My problem is that the only adequate photographic capture of the area, whatsoever (at least in public domain) is from Getty Images and they want $575 US for it, which is beyond my personal budget for a freeware scenery. I am fascinated by events in the South China Sea and have already uploaded two sceneries related to the region. Pagasa Island is the Philippines strongest claim within the disputed region and the PLAN Fleet is composed of units already assigned to, or typical of the area. Woody's Island is easily China's strongest investment toward securing dominance in that area. Infrastructure on the island is advanced to the point that China is prepared to declare an air defense identification zone as was done previously in the East China Sea, postured toward Japan. Meanwhile, commercial flights to the island were started Feb 2, wonder if he Priceline negotiator can get me a good rate. The Chinese media is posturing the island as "China's Hawaii" and is actively promoting tourism. It is a meritable idea, because a sand spit where alcohol is actually cheaper than drinkable water will only be an outpost without newlyweds wandering about. I have already acquired a great deal of background information about the area and can almost recall the mayor of Sansha's name. I have many structures, the government seat, radars, J-11 fighter. Decent images of the airport terminal will allow me to provide a convincing simulation. Ultimately the ground photograph will be heavily edited to remove many of the building shadows, clouds and basically anything that is modeled. I am asking about interest, perhaps someone has a connection to quality pictures of the area. I considered that crowd funding might work so if no one replies I probably won't go that route. Does anyone have an idea how or if I should proceed? Specifically I need the original high resolution version of the above image, or similar coverage with about twice the resolution shown. Thanks
  13. Edit the bitmap or texture that controls night illumination which does not have a _L or _LM extension. If there is night illumination, it exists. Bill was trying to help you not have to learn too much about arcane MSFS file conventions. Try this: do not look for any particular name. Find a pair of almost identical textures in the texture folder. If this particular model has multiple liveries, select a simpler model until you feel more proficient because multiple liveries can require multiple texture folders in order to render all night illumination. Eventually you will find a texture (use the _LM ones as examples) that has noticeable portions of tail and or fuselage that looks relatively "normal." Now locate the texture that is shaped identically, but is dark in most places. Windows will be bright and the tail might look like a spotlight is directed to illuminate a logo there. This is the texture you want to edit and perhaps several more similar. The _LM suffix is used to help identification and some software uses it, the simulator ignores the "_LM" designation.
  14. Albus please carefully check your understanding. Just Flight released an upgrade version of the Just Flight version of MyTraffic X. It appears you consider purchasing the Just Flight product to apply to your Simmarket product, based on the fact that you are an existing MyTraffic X user. No where on the Just Flight website does it say that it is cross-compatible with either the Simmarket edition, or the Aerosoft edition of MyTraffic 5.4 (Aerosoft 2013). Considering they are completely separate products, it is curious that Just Flight posts no disclaimer; however, on that basis, if you want to try Traffic 360, you would likely have to purchase the full install version. As far as frame rates, the basic traffic program is negligible, regardless of who's. I will opine that UT2 takes forever to install and long to load; it is the most accurate, but also entirely dependent on bi-annual purchased updates. Personally I consider MTX 5.4 to be the current best. You will see your framerates take their greatest hit from nearby AI, through either detail or quantity. Most traffic programs allow one to substitute liveries and models as an additional tweak, so one can match ones visual quality to ones processing power.
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