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I bought Pilot2ATC two weeks ago, and I like it. Last night when I was flying from Heathrow to JFK, I wondered few things.

- Is it somehow possible to alling Pilot2ATC with X-Plane 11 airport gate/terminal data ? If you do it manually, it takes ages, example JFK, has a lot of gates. Pilot2ATC does not recognize all JFK gates.

- Background chatter, back when I was using FSX, I used ProAtcX as my ATC and FSX own ATC as a background ATC to control AI traffic and as a chatter. I was wondering is it possible to make similar system with World Traffic 3 ? That Pilot2ATC controls all traffic and you can hear what AI traffic and ATC are talking, for example when ATC gives traffic warning, I can respond and so does the AI plane, or IFR Clearance, you have to wait, while AI plane is giving it´s own clearance before the frequency is free and you can give yours ?

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The answer today to both questions is No.

I'm working on the gates area.  The next update, possibly out today, will have better Gate data, but it will not be from your scenery data.  A future update will have more editing and import options, but exactly what those will be is not yet known.

To accomplish your second dream, there would have to be an integration of P2A to each specific traffic generation program.  That will likely not ever happen.  However, it is on the "wish list" to provide more robust AI Traffic integration and perhaps actually integrate to some key traffic generation programs.  Unfortunately, the authors of those programs would have to make significant modifications to their programs in order for this to work.


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