New somewhat casual sim VTOL VR

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If you're a fan of the old EF2000 and Domark Harrier games should check this out. It's based on a fictional VTOL aircraft in the near future. It's early access, and has no multi-player yet. It works on both Rift and Vive with tracked controllers (I have Rift+Touch)

Even though the graphics are extremely spartan, and the flight model is a little twitchy, and it doesn't support any HOTAS (or any joystick)- I fell in love with it.

Basically, the controls are so easy, you will have no problem. Using the Touch as your joystick and throttle takes a little getting used to- but it's second nature to me now. Flicking switches and turning dials (The cockpit is 100% interactive) is completely intuitive. Grab a dial and rotate your wrist to turn it up or down. Grab a switch and move your hand up or down. To fly, just move your wrist like a joystick. And twist for rudder.

While it is FAR from complete, and being a long time VR adopter- I still found it to be such a different experience from P3D, or X-Plane that I actually felt like the first time I played a really "new" game. I'm so jaded by most flight sims- especially with VR. To turn a dial, look at it and press a button on your hotas? How do I pause? <Pulls up the headset to find the flaps up key>

I love P3D, but even as a PPL flying small planes is such a chore compared to real life. You should just be able to grab things while maintaining control. In this game you can. It's just a breath of fresh air even if it's not a complex PMDG sim.

*I should add, it's not an arcade game. There's an APU, battery, engine starts, and 3 MFDs with a surprising amount of detail. You can even select CCIP or CCRP for iron bombs and set the ripple intervals!

I always think it's important to support new developers so I'd urge you to check it out if you are a VR user. Don't let the early alpha graphics put you off, it's fun even in this early state and $25 is less than I've paid for some terrible add-ons. I am not the dev, just a fan of the game and I'd like to see him succeed so more developers see the potential of VR. 

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