[AITrackerX] Gliders can't follow a flightplan

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Hi Oliver

Was really looking forward to flying a task with AI gliders that follow a flightplan so that I could use them to pace myself round the course.

Then to my horror I saw that when AITrackerX dispatches the gliders, they can't push back and so just sit in the parking bay! :ohmy:

Is there anything that can be done?

My first thought was to dispatch GA aircraft and switch the model once the aircraft have taxied onto the runway.

But I can't do that for two reasons.

  • Firstly in VR the playback dialog hides behind the main app window making it unuseable in VR.
  • Secondly, in the playback dialog there is an option to switch model, but it doesn't work for AI's dispatched as a flightplan :blink:

The waypoint system might be the solution but it is more manual labour and not as convenient as setting up a flightplan.

Thanks for any help.

Cheers, Harry



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Hello Harry,

if the glider models themselves are unable to follow a flightplan, I don't think that AITX can help you there. You may have to alter the glider models and add an engine (.air and aicraft.cfg). The easiest way to do this is to give them the .air and .cfg of the default trike or a Cessna - and to remove the sound. And no, you cannot change the model of an aircraft following a flightplan - it is under 100% simulator control, and if you replace it with another model, that will be a completely new aircraft - and you are back where you started.

You can turn a flightplan into a waypoint list, but I am not sure if that will help either. Create a dummy waypoint recording. Then, on the Dispatch dialog, open this recording for editing - on the editor window you will have the option to import a flightplan. But the flightplan does not contain the taxi information, so the aircraft will depart straight out from their parking position to the first waypoint. And again depending on the models it may very well happen that they do not fly at all, but stay on the ground.

The only thing that definitely works are binary recordings. But before you go there you should try option 1, duplicate your gliders and turn them into actual motorized aircraft (leave out the sound folder so they stay silent).

I can try pulling the playback dialog to the front, but I am not sure if it will stay there when the main window is updated.

Best regards

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Hi Lorby

Yeah the gliders are already motorized with a fold away engine. While the models were sitting at the parking bay not being able to be pushed back, I tried to change their parameters with AITrackerX to "start their engines" and "set their throttle to full" but that didn't work either.

I tried converting a flightplan to a waypoint list, but I couldn't get it to work properly. The gliders would hover above the airport and do all sorts of weird things.

When I get desperate, I'll try your idea of changing them to have a motor as the trike has. I guess the trike can be pushed back and fly a flightplan?

Ok, thanks for the suggestion.


another issue is that planes parked in WAMA cause AITrackerX flightplan planes to disappear if they think they are going to hit the WAMA planes.



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Hi Harry,

one other thing to be aware of is, that in P3D V4 AI aircraft that don't have a radio will ignore IFR flightplans, because they can't communicate with ATC. There is a thread to that effect somewhere in the P3D forum.

Best regards 

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Thanks for your help Oliver.

I didn't think of putting an invisible motor into my gliders so that they would fly an AITrackerX flightplan. I did it today and it works. Here is what I did in case in the future anyone is interested:

  1. Downloaded any freeware glider out there
  2. Replaced the aircraft.cfg with the Aircreation582SL trike that shipped with FSX
  3. Reverted the title in aircraft.cfg back to the original glider
  4. Replaced the [contact_points] section in aircraft.cfg with the original glider section
  5. made sure that the texture section in aircraft.cfg was the same as the original glider
  6. Added the Aircreation_582SL.air file to the glider folder
  7. Changed the folder name to indicate that the glider is converted to an AI traffic glider

The AI trike now looks like a glider and averages 50kts around the task which works well for pacing.

What I like about this system is that you don't have to create waypoints just dispatch a flightplan to the AI as you intend to fly it yourself.

Now... if only you would teach the AI's to find thermals and then resume the flightplan I would be incredibly appreciative. :biggrin:



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