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I am nearing the end of my trial period and will be purchasing the full version, even though I have encountered a few hiccups here and there. I am sure some of them are my own configuration problems or the lack of of knowledge on how to properly use P2A. 


1. I am unable to get my PTT or SayIt to work from my Saitek Yoke. I know several have this problem. I have checked that no other buttons are assigned to it, I run P2A in admin mode and am still unable to get it to work. I have managed to get a keyboard hotkey to work, but nothing from my Saitek or from another Joystick option as well. 


2. P2A does not load flight plan into the GPS on FSX:SE. I always have to export as a .pln and then load using the flight planner. Would be nice if and when I hit the "File" button, that it loaded into the sim, or maybe have a separate button that would then push the plan into the sim incase some people prefer to manually load their GPS. 


3. I do my initial flight planning in ForeFlight and SimBrief most of the time. It would be nice to be able to input Departure field (KIDP), Destination field (KLLU), and a Route field (TYROE V516 OSW V161 NALLY V132 NASHE), from that point you can look up and enter the approach. 


(I am fairly new to flying and sims, so my procedures may be incorrect, I am just trying to do what I think is correct)

4. I was doing the flight listed above and had a few problems and issues along the way. I setup the route as listed and had selected RWY 03 at KLLU, my sim does not have the new RWY35/17, so RWY 03/21 are my only options. When I pull the info for KLLU, it show the active runway as 35, it would be nice if it knew I had no RWY 35 and would show a more appropriate choice. This begins a series of problems. I go ahead and continue my planning with RWY 03 and select approach of ZOTRI. I begin my flight and tune to KIDP ClrDel 121.65 and request my clearance, receive my squawk code, everything goes as planned. Normally at this point I would want to switch over to a ground freq, but since KIDP doesn't have one, my only option would be CTAF/UNICOM, and so I switch to that so I can announce taxi and takeoff runway. I tune to KIDP UNI 123.05 but when I use SayIt, I don't see any options for announcing my taxi nor my runway intentions. So basically I just pull out to the runway without saying anything and once I am ready for takeoff I use report/pattendeparture to announce my takeoff. Once I take off, I tune to my controlling center which would be Kansas City, so I tune to Ctr 132.9, and once I am inflight, I use Report/Checkin or Report/ToAltitude. I am not sure when to request VFR flight following as I have never had P2A successfully respond to that request. I had to do this several times before I got a response. Sometimes I never get a response, but after a few attempts this time, I finally get Radar Contact. So I continue on my flight, receive a few advisories along the way, I can not remember if I change centers or not, but as I was approaching NASHE and about to begin my procedures, I receive that I am 11 miles from LAMAR MUNICIPAL and radar service is terminated. Freq change to local traffic advisory approved. So at this point, I am looking at changing to the tower to announce my approach, but KLLU doesn't have a tower so I change to KLLU Mult 122.9 and try to announce my approach, SayIt didn't have any options, all the fields were blank, so I switch to Ctr 128.6 and am able to announce after scrolling through the countless options under Request/Approach, that area needs some work, everything wants to announce approach for RWY35 instead of RWY03 which is in my flight plan. I basically had no way of announcing my approach, I eventually picked one and announced I am landing on RWY35 but come in on RWY03, I then get instruction to contact Ctr 128.6 which I am already on, more than once have I had a Ctr send me to itself, anyway, I announce field in sight and am instructed to contact tower on 119.8, so I tune to 119.8, which doesn't come up as anything within P2A, and is not on the info tab. Here I am about to land and am reaching over to dial in a freq that I wasn't expecting, so I hurry up and get it put in, and look at my SayIt options, I look through the patternlocation and everything as ActiveDestinationRunway which is spitting out RWY35, so I hurriedly look at LandingIntention and select on final for full stop. I do not hear anything back on this freq but go ahead and land. Once on the ground and clear of the runway, I select clear of active, which is the nearest thing to the runway I am on, but just a clear of runway would be nice. I am probably misusing this as it is in patternlocation and I am using it as I taxi off the runway. I taxi to a parking spot and shut down my aircraft, of course no where are there any options to announce any taxi procedures at this airport. I am sure there are countless things I did wrong as I am still learning whats the correct way to conduct a flight, but this is what I did, and the problems I had.  


5. Sometimes when I fly IFR, I fly with FSE and usually have my plane fairly full and use a low vertical climb as to not stall my plane and they constantly hammer me about expediting my climb. Is there an adjustment I can make to minimize this?



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1. Are you on the latest release  The previous version had issues with defining Joystick Buttons.

2. P2A will load the flight plan when you get your IFR Clearance, however you must have SimConnect set up properly in FSX.  SimConnect is automatically set up for P3D.

3. You can import such flight plans using FP Import button to the right of the Flight Plan.  See the User's Guide for details.

4.  There are many separate points here.

4a.  If you set the Force Pilot Runway Selection option in FltPln tab of Config and then put a SID in the plan or request taxi to a specific runway if No SID is available or if you are flying VFR, you will be given that runway.

4b. CTAF/UNICOM is not part of ATC system.  They are frequencies for local communications among pilots and Airport personnel, usually FBOs.  Use it to announce your Taxi and Takeoff.  When departing IFR at an airport without a tower,  you must do an IFR Release request with Center in the case of KIDP.  Could also do it with Departure or Approach control.  That will work you into the IFR traffic flow and then you call them when airborne and all proceeds as normal after that.  In P2A, some of these calls are available on UNI to enable this request at airports where there is no Center, Approach or Departure listed.

4c. There is a "taking the active" call in say-it under the Pattern Location Report.  It does appear the Taxi advice call is not there.  However, P2A will understand it if you say it verbally.  SayIt is a subset of all the phrases that can be recognized.  I'll need to add one for Taxi advice on CTAF/UNI.

4d. If you're planning an IFR approach at destination, you can file and fly the route IFR.  But if you call and get VFR Flight Following, then you are no longer under ATC control.  Just getting advisories.  ATC will cancel radar service as you near the destination.  So if you want to fly an approach, you should request the approach or Vectors to the approach from Center as you get near the destination.  The only thing you can do on Multicom/UNICOM/CTAF is report your pattern position and land using a VFR pattern. 

4e. If you want to set your own values for something like Runway, use SayIt +.  It lets you set values and you could have request runway 03.  Or just say it verbally.  I agree that SayIt does not have all the phrases it could for VFR flights at uncontrolled airports, but most of them will be recognized if said verbally.

5. You can set the Minimum Vertical Speed to a lower setting on the ATC Settings tab.

Hope this helps.



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