[AITrackerX] binary recording and formations

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Hi Oliver

Thanks for the hard work on AITrackerX.

Been experimenting with binary recordings and dispatching some AI formations to fly with it, then flying live to join the formation with the binary at the head.

It does work which is good. Managed to reduce the jitter down somewhat. Managed to reduce the forward jerking of the AI in the formation with dampening and other options.

So it's not perfect but doable.

Question is, why is my binary recording playing back at about 10-20% of the original airspeed? I know that I flew the recording at 200kts IAS but if I follow the playback with or without a formation attached to it, the playback is only flying at about 170-180kts IAS.


PS) Do you think that P3Dv4 produces more smooth behavior for the main features of AITracker compared to v3? I'm still in 32 bit.


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not sure about the playback speed, it hasn't been noticed before, I will have to run some tests. I imagine that this could be the result of too much dampening, the logic is averaging out the movement jitters to an overall slower progress.

P3D V4 is a lot better with AITX, the internal hold-ups of the simulator (that ultimately lead to the jumping) are a less pronounced. But it depends on what you are doing, if other addons or software hold the simulator back, there will always be depiction problems that need averaging.

If smoothness is important for a specific scenario I turn off the Direct Mode, so everything is "slewed".  And I set the AI traffic to 0%, because creating and deleting objects is one of the most noticable "glitches" in aircraft movement. These actions seem to require more processing power than usual and the sim thinks about it for a bit, resulting in unexpected jumps of your own aircraft and, because your own movement has top priority, in turn the objects around you jump as well (backwards so to speak). At least that is my theory about what is happening. I have to predict the future position of the followers in relation to your own aircraft with every update.

Best regards

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