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I'm confused about the simulated time.  I have a default scenario set up at a US west coast airport (Pacific time zone) and I'm on the east coast (Atlantic time zone).  When I start that scenario from the opening screen I first adjust the time setting down 3 hrs to be west coast time.  But when the scenario starts and the airplane is loaded the airplane time is still indicating LCL time of the east coast.  I want to fly at the real current time for the time zone I'm simulating so everything synchs up with ASP4 and online ATC.  In FSX I had a saved default flight on the east coast and when I would change locations to the west coast the time would adjust automatically.  What am I doing wrong in P3DV4?

EDIT:  I have been going to World / Time & Season and re-adjusting the time setting but that entails a re-load of scenery etc.

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When you select another location there is a tick box which depending on the choice changes the time to the new appropriate local time or which keeps the current time. Or something like that. So either its 4 o'clock at the first location and also 4 o'clock at the new one OR it's 4 o'clock at the first location and 1 o'clock at the new one. Maybe you have that option enabled (or disabled) when you change location or maybe you had it enabled when you set your saved flight up. 

Besides that there also is an option on the General tab (or elsewhere) which always sets your time to the current time. Or something like that. 

You might want to check those settings.

Apart from that: afaik time is saved in a scenario so changing the time before loading a saved flight doesn't work, I think.

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