Screen allocation lock?

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I have built a portable cockpit flight simulator unit which I use for training Royal Air Force Air Cadets.

I have the main screen out the window monitor and another small monitor which I use as the instrument panel. I load a mission, pause, then right click, open cockpit, select cockpit, then drag down the instrument panel down to the small monitor.

My problem is that every time I reload a mission, I have to go through the whole process again. Is anyone aware of a way to lock it so the instruments always default to that monitor?

I have a new dedicated PC with 485GB operating Windows 7 and MSFSX Steam edition.


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Wow!  485GB.  That's one, fast computer!:happy:  I'm just wondering if saving that condition with the monitors as a default flight would work?

I probably need to clarify "load a mission".  Are you flying the actual Missions in FSX or

are you saying a free flight is a mission?  If it's the actual Missions, then the default

flight will have no effect.

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There could be a way, because you're dealing with "missions" it becomes rather convoluted. 
E-Mail sent.


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