Alabeo DA42 (need helps)

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Dear all,
I just bought Alabeo Da42 on simmarket. After i installed it into FSX, and i started to use this aircraft. But, when i was flying the aircraft , i can't hear any sound from aircraft like engine or flaps sound. I've already checked that my fsx settings are all set as default and my speakers are all under normal condition. All the other aircrafts i have are flying as normal that i can hear the sound from surroundings only the Alabeo DA42 i can't hear the sound from aircraft. Does anyone have the same problem before?  I really need some help, thanks.

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AVSIM has a Carenardo Forum for the DA42.  You might want to look in that forum to see if others have reported this issue.  I have had periodic issues with sound especially after updating my BIOS as it brings the BIOS back to the default and I had disabled the internal audio.  When the computer starts up again, the internal sound card is the default and my installed Creative sound card becomes useless.  I believe this is done on purpose to get me frustrated and upset but most likely to put sound card manufacturers out of business.  If it enables the internal system sound, your speakers have to be connected to your MB in order to hear the sound and, if you are like me, the speakers are connected to my sound card.  So, you want to check your system sound settings first to make sure they are working properly.  Checking the FSX settings for sound will be good if the system sound is working.

Alabeo does not release products without sound so you have an issue with your system.  You can go into the SimObjects/Airplane/Alabeo DA42 folder and make sure you have a sound folder.  If it is not there, then there is an issue with your installation and you will have to try again making sure UAC is turned off and you run the installer with Admin privileges.

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