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strange throttle behaviour in v4

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Hi all,

Since the upgrades to P3Dv4 I have noticed a strange behaviour of all PMDG jets' throttles (737, 777, 747) that has not been a issue in v3.4.


I use a CH Throttle Pro for my throttles and have assigned it via FSUIPC. 


When I manually (A/T off or in Hold mode) reduce the throttles to idle (FULLY back) the "software" throttle moves to idle too but THEN without any movement of my hardware it increases power again, approx 1-1,5cm (1/2 inch) in the model. 

Additionally on the 777 and the 747 with A/T armed but disenganged (the buttons left and right on the throttle) the models' throttles move the same speed as my hardware, but on the 737 with A/T armed they move just the same speed as the turbines reduce or spool up. 

To mention, there are NO problems with the throttles of eg the Aerosoft CRJ, the A2A airplanes or the TFDi 717. All are assigned using FSUIPC. I also have assigned the Z axis of my CH Flightsim Yoke (the "throttle" on top) to the reversers so I intend to reduce the throttles to idle with the Pro Throttle and then use the reverse lever on the yoke. It works, as long as I pull the trottles back AFTER touch down, but they will not remain in idle as long as I'm still flying. 

Does anyone know a solution? I already have checked that there are no 3rd assignments, I have done a complete reset of FSUIPC, I've set null zones to the throttle and I have deleted the reverse axis.. As said, my hardware throttle works but then the thrust increases again in the sim...




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53 minutes ago, Ephedrin said:

Does anyone know a solution?

Probably simply the throttles responding to the fact that FSX/P3D doesn't have Flight/Ground idle modeled, which our planes do actually model. Flight idle is above ground idle.

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does this affect the physical position of the throttle in the cockpit since v4? I can pull it back to the mechanical stop and due to the modeling it will increase to maintain the flight idle thrust?

so I will just have to make sure I move my hardware throttle a little bit after touch down to get to ground idle before I can select the recersers?

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