Scott Johnson

Screen Resolution Mayhem....

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Hey all, 

Post windows 10 update (as always), my Prepar3d V4 screen resolution has gone loopy. 

I only fly in 'full screen', and usually when i do, It's full 4K which is my monitors native resolution. 

Now whenever i start the sim, my screen is 1/6th its size and jammed up in the top left hand corner of my screen. The rest of the screen realestate is black. 

Jumping in and out of full screen and re-sizing the window eventually stretches it out, however all of my menu's can then only be accessed from a strange portion of the screen. Almost as if it got jammed trying to resize.

Latest video drivers installed also....







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Oh man... Same Here...

I was wondering what caused this. Thought it was something I broke by fiddling with stuff but I haven't really been fiddling.

For me I can just mouse click in the SIM somewhere  (top left corner) and only then I'll get full screen.

Very annoying!!!


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A good example why it is smart to have a Multiboot-System. So you can have a super-clean OS installation for your P3D where you don't have to make Windows Updates, install Antivirus and other.

I HIGHLY recommend to do this, saves you from SO much hassle!

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