Keepv3.4 (or fsx) if you install to v4

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Hi, simfriends

I have installed the v4 a few mounths ago, is a great choice and it is the sim future, ok!

But this morning , I desired to fly the majestic D8/400 and was ""very happy"" that I don't have uninstalled the version 3.4.

Yes with uninstalling, you retrieve a lot of diskspaces but you lost too a lot of aircrafts or sceneries no compatible for v4.

I understand that a lot of developpers don't want to convert or remake a upgrade version for some reasons: they are perhaps to old, or perhaps unable, or want to do other aircrafts/sceneries that making boring corrections.

To keep one older version of your's sims make sens to keep under the arm your invests of the past.

Just the problem for most is the kost of a great and fast disk... a ssd perhaps.

have a good flight today


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That's what I've done too, but take care that you have the two different versions on different hard-drives. I was getting strange permission issues until I removed P3d v3 and reinstalled it on a separate drive. 


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I do not the same, I don't touch the disk installed v3.4 and keep the same letter that before for v3.4 ( to keep register adressing links).

After acquiring v4, I make a full clean install on a new disk (s).

So no confusing for windows 10 and registers.

work nice.

All addons ready v4 are directely installed on the new diskv4 (:) or if installers of addons follow new recommanded installation by LM... I let the wrinting on c: document....v4 addons

For olders sceneries not ready, I try those with a link writed in scenery.cfg v4 directed to addons scenery folder of the disk v3.4, So the effects and other .dll can't affect and distroy* the new V4... This manner only textures and scenery can be viewed by P3dv4... Not the perfection but a lot of airports are fllyable in v4 and waiting upgrades for a clean install.

* Attention .dll or effects programmed in 32bits are not compatible v4 and perturbe a lot v4. Never install a addon directely in v4 if you don't be sure is a compatible one.

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